How to Get Your First 100 Streaming Followers 

One of the biggest appeals of streaming is the incredible community that you're able to join. Streaming brings together people from all walks of life. Not only can you meet friends and make connections over shared interests and passions, but developing a streaming following can be a great way to advance your personal brand or career.  

Finding your first few followers can be difficult. It's hard to stand out among the streaming crowd and nothing is more discouraging than trying to build a community while your account is stuck on zero viewers. Here are some tips for getting your account out and into its first one hundred followers.  

Have the Right Equipment and Setup 

This first tip is crucial for starting your stream off on the right foot. If you want to provide an experience worth watching, you're going to need to have the right equipment. Having a high-quality microphone and sound equipment can give your stream professional polish. Adding a  streaming software such as Lightstream is also great for bringing effects and a more entertaining flair to your broadcast.  
If you are a bit more serious about streaming and would like to add music, voice recordings or other effects, having a second computer can help. Think about your stream from the viewpoint of the viewer. You want to provide an experience that is seamless, entertaining, and visually appealing.  

Focus on a Particular Game or Genre 

Rather than moving through different genres or games in hopes of finding an audience, it's much easier to become better known by focusing on a single game or genre. One, it's always easier to draw an audience when you're good at a game, and two, the consistency helps others know where to find you. The important thing is to know who you're audience is. If you switch from battle royale games like Super Smash Brothers to immersive role playing games like Skyrim, you risk losing out on your audience. Stay focused within a single genre to keep together your like-minded audience. If you play building games like Stardew Valley every Friday night, having this center will allow your to grow out an audience.   

Be Consistent 

A big part of being a successful streamer is simply being consistent. Your audience needs to know where to find you. Having a consistent streaming plan or schedule will help them tune in. Rather than randomly streaming whenever you feel like it, keep a schedule. If you stream every Tuesday and Thursday night, it's going to be easier for people to remember you than if you stream some mornings, then weekend afternoons, and then other times late at night. Give your audience something to expect.  

Share your channel with friends and interested family members 

An easy way to win some quick followers is to invite your friends and family members to watch your streams. People who are already know you are going to naturally be interested in watching you stream. As your following grows, it will then be easier to find people unrelated or unconnected to you 

Be creative with your streaming titles 

Think about when you're browsing for something to watch. You're naturally going to be drawn to creative and interesting titles, rather than bland descriptions. Keep this in mind when you craft the titles of your streams. Be creative, be interesting. Being different is going to be important when it comes to truly standing out from the streaming crowd.  

Stay Persistent 

Remember that just because your viewer count says zero doesn’t mean that no one is watching. Keep talking and keep streaming. If you give up, you won't have a chance to develop an audience.  

Integrate your Streaming with your Social Media Presence 

If you already have a social media presence, leverage it when building out your streaming account. Encourage your followers on other platforms to watch you stream. Cross-platform viewership is a great way to build a following on all your different social accounts.  

Collaborate with other Streamers 

Hosting other streamers on your stream account is another great way to build viewership. Don't expect too much when collaborating, but the right partnership can bring you needed exposure and viewers. Be courteous and thoughtful when asking other streamers to collaborate. Try to make it a win-win situation for the both of you.  


Streaming is a great way to form communities and make lasting connections. But you can't do it without viewers. Following these tips will be a great way to help launch your initial breakthrough in streaming and find your first one hundred followers.  

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