Moderation & Chat History for Moderators

If you're a Channel Owner or Moderator within a Channel, you can use the Chat & Moderation History feature to examine a user's history of actions and consequences within a channel.

View a User's Chat and Moderation History

To view a user's Chat and Moderation History, within a channel with which you are a Channel Moderator or owner. Select a user within chat by clicking on their username and choose the "View Chat History" option:


A new window will appear, which contains the user's Chat History in the first tab:


The user's Moderation History can be found within the second tab:


You can move this pop-out window around by placing your mouse over the middle of the top of the pop-out window and dragging it around. This will let you open multiple pop-outs to review them.


You can also pop out the window to a completely different browser window by using the pop-out button:


Important!: Moderation and Chat History will only display the last 28 days of activity.

Leaving Moderator Comments

Within the Moderation History section of the window described in the previous section, you can enter a Moderation Comment for this user. Any comments entered in here will be visible to the entire Moderation Team of a channel and the Channel Owner.


Important!: Moderator comments will only display for 28 days.

Moderation Notices

Within a channel in which you are the owner of or a moderator within you will see messages below certain actions which provide additional context. Included is a description of the action and the person who carried out the action.

These should help channel owners and moderators to better keep up with what is going on within chat. 

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