Emote Guidelines


Interested in making emotes? You've come to the right place. For your reference, we have established the guidelines below. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team.

Who has Access to Emotes?

Currently, only a limited number of channels have access to emotes:

  • Partnered Channels
  • Verified Channels

If you're in one of these groups then you have access.



Whilst these guidelines are mostly about style and layout, please remember that emote content, must be suitable and appropriate for Mixer.  Please ensure that you're following our Terms of Service and rules when creating emotes.

Emotes found to be breaching our terms of service or rules may be taken down by our team and your account may be subject to additional enforcement action.

Copyrighted Material

You should be careful when using Copyrighted Material in your emotes. Please refer to Can I Use Copyrighted Content On My Stream? If we receive a DMCA Notice about a emote we will have to take it down.


Keep an eye on your email and the Partner Hub for notice of when Larger Emotes is rolling out to more partners on Mixer.

Mixer emotes should be prepared at 3 different sizes:

  • 28px
  • 56px
  • 112px


For now, Mixer only allows you to upload the 2x size (56px), in the future all 3 sizes will be upload-able so please continue to prepare all 3 sizes for future compatibility. Once uploaded your emotes will be rendered in chat at the 1x size. 

So in summary, upload your emotes at 2x (56px) and they will render at 1x (28px).

Why 3 Sizes?

We use 3 sizes at Mixer to cater for differing scenarios and devices. For example devices with higher pixel densities will use high resolution assets.


Once prepared they should be saved as a transparent PNG file, aim to keep your emotes below 100KB.


To upload emotes please visit the partner section of Mixer's Broadcast Dashboard where you can upload your emotes.

Note: If you try uploading an image and receive a 413 API error pop up. Please ensure your image is an appropriate size before uploading. 


Before you can upload emotes you will have to decide on a short and unique prefix which must be added to the front of your emote's name.

This prefix is 3-6 characters in length. For example, if the Mixer channel chose "mixer" as their prefix and wanted to add a "GG" emote, then it would actually be called "mixerGG":


To specify your prefix visit the Emote section of the broadcaster dashboard, you will see a new section which deals with specifying a prefix:


When creating a prefix keep in mind:

  • You don't need to include a ":" we add this automatically for you.
  • You can only change your prefix once every 30 days.
  • Your prefix must be unique.

Requiring prefixes prevents channels from colliding with each other and frees up non-prefixed emote names for Mixer itself to use.

Further Questions

If you have further questions please contact your Partner Account Manager or Open a Ticket at


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