Ad-break Viewer FAQ

As part of our investments on Mixer as a platform we are introducing new ways for streamers to earn money on Mixer. Video advertising is a method to allow streamers to earn income by having ads watched by their viewers. Video ads come in two main forms: pre-roll (before livestream) and ad-break (during livestream). Here are some frequently asked questions about ads: 

Q: How can I remove ads? 
A: You can remove ads by either buying Mixer Pro or subscribing to a Mixer channel (subscribing will only remove ads on that channel) 

Q: How do ads support the streamers? 
A: Ads support the streamer by generating income each time that a user sees an ad.  

Q: How do I opt out of targeted ads? 
A: You can opt out of targeted ads by changing your privacy setting on your Microsoft account. Visit 

Q: I just saw an ad that had illegal material or was insulting. 
A: Please contact our support team at to report the ad. 

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