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Notifications on Mixer are changing! Along with lots of work to improve the reliability and timing of our notifications, we are making changes to the way you turn on and off notifications for your favorite channels.

Following a channel and turning on notifications for that channel are now two separate actions. When you follow a channel, that channel will be added to your "Following" tab so it will be easy for you to always find their content. When you turn on notifications for a channel means you will receive a notification when that channel goes live.

On the Mixer mobile app:


With these changes, when you follow a channel, you can opt-in to receive notifications for that channel. To receive notifications for a channel, tap/click the notification bell. The bell will change from crossed-out to filled-in to indicate that you've turned on notifications for that channel. You'll now receive notifications when that channel goes live.

To turn off notifications for a channel, navigate to that channel and tap/click the notification bell. The bell will change from filled-in to crossed-out to indicate that you've turned notifications off for that channel. Since you are still following the channel, you will continue to see their content in your "Following" tab. 


We hope that these changes allow you to have clear control over when we notify you about your favorite creators. We would love your feedback as we continue to improve notifications on Mixer.


What if I turned on notifications for a channel, but I'm not receiving them on my mobile device?
If you are not receiving notifications on your mobile device for a channel where you have turned on notifications, you may need to adjust your Mixer app permissions. Navigate to the iOS or Android settings to turn on notifications for the Mixer app.

What if I am receiving email notifications for some channels but not others?
There is currently a limit of 50 channels that you can receive email notifications for. If you have selected more than 50 channels to receive email notifications for, you will not receive emails for all of them.

How do I turn off/on email notifications for a channel? 
Navigate to your Notification Settings page and check or uncheck the email checkbox for that channel. 

What if I'm not getting any email notifications?
First, check to make sure that the email associated with your Mixer account is the correct one via your Account Settings page. Second, make sure that the "Email" box is checked for the channels you'd like to get notified about.

Finally, if you are still having issues receiving emails from us and you have checked the Account tab settings, you may also want to try adding to your contact list on your email client.

What platforms does this effect?
You'll see the new notification bell only on and the Mixer mobile app. The Mixer experience on Xbox will just have a follow button.  
What happens if I follow a channel on Xbox?
If you follow a channel on Xbox, that channel will be added to your "Following" list on all platforms. If you would like to receive mobile push notifications or desktop or email notifications for that channel, for now you will need to go or the Mixer mobile app and turn on notifications by tapping/clicking the bell. You can turn them on by going to either that channels page (, or by going to the Notifications settings on the web or the mobile app. 

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