Auto-Hosting FAQ

What is Auto-Hosting? 
When enabled, Auto-host will automatically host channels from list of channels you choose when you're offline so that your audience always has something to watch. 

Who is this available to? 
All Mixer users! 

How do I turn this on? 
You will find a new section on the Streamer Dashboard on a desktop PC! blobid0.png

You can browse there directly by going to 

Once there, click the toggle icon next to “Enable Auto-Hosting": 

How do I add channels to my list? 
On the Auto-Hosting dashboard you will find a search bar where you can search channels by name. Clicking the channel name adds it to the list.  

Once added to the list, you can sort the list to prioritize when the channel will be hosted using the adjustment arrows on the right-hand side, or remove it from the list by clicking the “X” blobid2.png

Can I set a time limit for each Auto-Host?
Yes! This is our "Showcase" feature.
To enable Showcasing head to your Auto-Hosting dashboard tab under your broadcast dashboard and toggle Showcasing on:


You can then adjust the time for each Auto-host under the "Advance every" option. You can choose from increments of 1 hour up to 4 hours per Auto-Hosting Showcase.


Remember to hit the save button when you've set your Showcasing times.

I’m offline. When will it start hosting channels automatically? 
Once we see you’re offline, we’ll wait 30 seconds to give you a chance to manually host a channel (if you choose). After those 30 seconds are up, a channel will be selected from the list. 

What happens if that channel goes offline? 
We’ll find the next available channel from your list! 

What happens if no one is currently online to Auto-host? 
We’ll periodically check back to see if someone has come online, and if they have, we’ll host them for you!  

What if I have the preference enabled to "autoplay my most recent stream when I'm offline" as well as Auto-host enabled,  which preference takes priority?
Auto-hosting will take first priority. If no one is currently online to Auto-host your most recent past stream will autoplay.

How many channels can I add to my Auto-Hosting list? 

If I’m hosting a channel and another channel higher on the list comes online, what happens? 
Nothing. It will continue to host the current channel.  

Will the person being Auto-hosted be notified? 
Like regular hosting, Hypebot notifications on Mixer will notify them if they have it enabled. 

Is it possible to randomize the list of Auto-hosted channels rather than by priority?  
Yes! Click on the toggle beside “Randomize Channels” and we’ll do just that.  blobid3.png

The channel I last hosted is still appearing on my channel instead of my live broadcast / the new channel I hosted, what’s wrong? 
Due to caching, it can take up to 30 seconds for your changes to take effect. Wait 30 seconds and refresh your channel, and it should look correct.  

Do you need to leave the computer on / stay signed in / stay on the auto-hosting dashboard for this to work? 
Nope! Just save your settings and it will do its thing. 

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