Ember Price Drop FAQ

We are releasing new pricing for Embers on desktop, Xbox, and mobile. You will get more Embers for your money and be able to donate more Embers to your favorite content creators.

What are Embers?
Embers are Mixer's form of paid currency, which can be purchased to access premium Skills and further support your favorite content creators! While you still earn Sparks as you watch and stream - Embers are used for animated stickers, full-screen effects, and more - and they ultimately support Partners and Monetized channels financially. 

You can find more information about Embers here

Why is Mixer releasing new Ember offers?
Based off feedback from our creators and community, we believe these changes will add more value to the new Ember offerings to drive more community engagement.

Where are these new Ember offers available?
The new Ember offers are available on all platforms –, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Samsung!

I purchased Embers right before the new Ember offers went live. Can I get a refund?
No, a refund is not possible.

Can I purchase Embers using an Xbox Gift Card?
Yes, you can use an Xbox Gift Card to purchase Embers on and Xbox One.

When will these new offers be available on iOS and Samsung?
We are working to get these offers available as soon as possible.

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