Stream Settings: Recommended Bitrate

Here we will discuss the recommended bitrates based on both resolution and frame rate.

You should choose a resolution and frame rate where your recommended bitrate is near the top (but not AT the top) of the range for that resolution and frame rate. This will give you the best visual quality.

For example, if your upload speed is 6Mb/s then you’re going to want to set your video bitrate no higher than 4.5Mb/s (4500kbps). According to the Recommended Bitrates chart, it would be best to go with 720p30 (at 4000kbps) or 720p60 (at 4500kbps) rather than 1080p30 or 1080p60 since 4500kbps would be at the low end of the range for 1080 but is at the high end of the range for 720.

One last thing to remember, unless you are a partner and have transcodes (which allow for auto bitrate switching), your viewers will need to have good enough networks to pull down whatever bitrate you are streaming at. If you are streaming at 7000kbps, mobile users are going to have a hard time keeping a consistent connection. It is better to stream at a lower bitrate & resolution to provide a better experience to all your viewers.

If you’re looking for a starting point, we would recommend starting at 720p30 at 2500kbps (or 720p60 at 3000kbps) and experimenting from there.

Recommended Bitrates:

  • We recommend you first run a speed test to see your available upload and don’t set your bitrate higher than 75% of your upload speed. You can test your upload speed at
  • 1080p60 (or 50): 4500 to 9000 (7000 if using FTL)
  • 1080p30 (or 25): 3000 to 6000
  • 900p60 (or 50): 3500 to 7000
  • 900p30 (or 25): 2250 to 5000
  • 720p60 (or 50): 2250 to 6000
  • 720p30 (or 25): 1500 to 4000

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