Channel Subscription Price Change

New price, same great benefits

We’re excited to introduce a new lower price for all monthly channel subscriptions on our platform! This means that instead of paying $5.99/mo. to subscribe to and support your favorite streamer, channel subs will cost only $4.99/mo. (all prices reflected in USD)

This change does not impact the benefits received from a channel subscription in any way. Everyone will be able to enjoy the same benefits, just at a lower price point.

For some of you this change will hit as your monthly subscription is renewing, or even the day after subscribing for the first time.

If you subscribed to a channel (not Mixer Pro) within 5 days of this change going live – or – if your subscription renewed within 5 days of this change going live, please reach out to our CAT Support agents via the link below:

Our CAT agents will help you with getting a discount applied to your account and make sure the new amount was charged.

The new subscription price starts Wednesday October 30th, 2019.


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