Tips for Mixer Moderation

Moderators are the backbone of communities, an extension of each content creator they support and their brands. They are role models for other community members. They offer protection, knowledge, excitement and keep communities running effectively while creators are live and offline. Moderators have a great deal of impact on the tone of communities. They also help determine whether viewers convert into followers or not with each chat interaction. We’ve gathered some tips for Mixer moderation to guide you.

  1. Know the rules: As a moderator, before you start, it’s important to have a well-rounded knowledge of not only the chat rules set forth by the content creator you’re supporting, but you should also understand the Mixer Terms of Service and the Rules of User Conduct. As a moderator, it’s your responsibility to uphold these guidelines and be a model for the Mixer community.
  2. Be the welcome wagon: Be ready to greet and engage with new viewers in the chat while keeping the peace and removing offensive posts, spam and unwanted trolls. People love attention and new visitors may feel ignored and even leave chat when not engaged with right away. While the streamer is distracted in game, be sure to say “hello” and engage with viewers in chat.
  3. Command the chat: Familiarize yourself with the Mixer chat moderation tools, Mixer Chat Commands and what the Chat Colors You can access the moderation tools by clicking a username in chat and specific hot keys.
  4. Managing trolls: Understand what trolling is and how to manage it. Managing trolls is an art form. Moderators protect content creators and communities from toxicity by safeguarding them from trolls and other harmful behavior and/or interactions. Effective moderation of trolls greatly impacts everyone’s experience on Mixer. Above all else, “kill them with kindness” to show they are failing to get the better of you. Don’t give them the attention they seek.
  5. Be the encyclopedia: Be prepared to answer viewer questions about the channel you’re moderating, the Mixer platform and more. Besides taking care of unruly characters in a channel, moderators offer content creators support by helping to answer questions in the event the streamer is unable or unavailable to.
  6. Know your age ratings: Understand the channel rating and age requirements on the Mixer platform. While discussing age in chat is not against the rules, it is generally good to avoid the topic. If a user is suspected of violating the user age requirements, it’s up to you to act. Report the account to the Mixer CAT team and ban the user from the channel you’re moderating.
  7. Channel ratings: Be aware of the channel ratings and what they mean. Content creators are advised to set the channel rating based on the ESRB rating of the game they are playing. Any adult content or activity will also push a channel rating to 18+. Moderators can change the rating, title and game using Chat Commands. Help the streamer by always ensuring these are set correctly. This is an easy way to help ensure viewers are aware of the content they are tuning into. This is an easy way to provide added support to the community.
  8. Wielding the hammer: It’s important to know when to use the ban hammer. Ensure you understand when the line is crossed and if you’re unsure, communicate with the streamer before banning a viewer. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the streamer’s chat rules. Never ban chat members for fun! It is an abuse of your power and not a good look.
  9. Give respect, get respect: RESPECT everyone. We may be on the internet, but never forget that you’re dealing with real human beings. While they may be rude at times or fail to show the appropriate level of respect to others, you must lead by example.
  10. Be a positive force: Display positivity at all time. Positivity reduces stress, so awkwardly complaining or sharing your negative thoughts and feelings will only worsen the experience of others around you. Help keep chat upbeat. Avoid negative or condescending comments to viewers, the streamer or other moderators. Those conversations should be kept private.
  11. Make ‘em look good: Mods have a big influence on making a content creator they support look good or bad. You should strive to make the streamer you’re supporting look good. Streaming is a business and a competitive one. The streamer trusts you to be a representative of the community, so “sell” them to the best of your ability.
  12. Don’t be the spam: Avoid spamming the chat. It’s not your fault if the chat becomes a wall of green names with text from moderators, but avoid spam, by sending fewer, longer messages instead of short ones. Until other Mods leave the chat, the fewer times a green name shows up in chat, the better. If the chat is full of other chatters, jump in and join the conversation.
  13. Keep the conversation alive: Conversations in chat can become stagnant. Bring up random topics with other viewers and the streamer to help spark conversation to keep chat flowing. This is a good way to get lurkers actively involved as well. Avoid the excessive use of inside jokes and this may confuse new viewers. Don’t force yourself to be fake and remember you can be engaging without pulling attention from the streamer.
  14. Be prepared to multitask: If you are in chat, you should be moderating. Do not idle; a viewer may see a green name in the chat list and reach out with a direct message to ask questions. If you are in chat, the streamer will expect you to participate and be an active moderator. If you are engaged in another activity be it a game or something else, be prepared to multitask. If you can’t do so effectively, considering leaving the channel while you’re unavailable.
  15. Remember people: While a content creator may find it difficult to remember everyone, you can support them by remembering frequent chatters and visitors along with their behavior patterns. This can lead viewers to convert to regulars and even subscribers, inclining them to return to the channel. As an extension of the streamer and a trusted member of their community, do your best to be engaging and accommodating to other community members to build rapport and create comradery.
  16. Be mindful: Don’t be afraid to decline the role of moderator in multiple channels. Remember, you’re making a commitment and splitting your time means the first content creator you committed to moderate for, isn’t being supported at the same level and this may cause unintended friction with yourself and the content creators you support.
    • Take breaks when needed to avoid burnout
    • Don’t rely on chat to make the stream enjoyable, enjoy the content first
    • If you don’t enjoy the role of moderator, don’t be afraid to walk away, but be sure to discuss it with the streamer you’re supporting first
    • Encourage other moderators and help them to fulfill their roles properly
    • Moderation has a learning curve, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback
    • Please remember, when you're a moderator it's as a volunteer!
    • Understand that your help is ALWAYS appreciated
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