Stream Etiquette

Stream Etiquette

The wide world of Mixer offers a lot of different ways for you to interact with it - but, it can vary from community to community. Here, we'll give you a quick rundown of some of the rules you should follow when you're logging into Mixer - and, some basic tips to keep you in-the-know.

Mixer's Rules

Mixer's rules come in the form of the Rules of User Conduct. We won't walk you through those here, since we've already got a whole page dedicated to it, but always keep this in mind:

  • If you have any rule questions, you can always reach out to
  • Every single report submitted is looked at by a human here at Mixer.

By creating a Mixer account you've agreed to follow these rules. Just make sure you brush up on them every once in a blue moon!


A raid is a cultural phenomenon in streaming that, in a nutshell, occurs when one streamer is wrapping up their broadcast and they want to throw all of their viewers to another streamer.

When this is kicking off the streamer creating the raid will often share a message to have their community shout-out once they arrive in the other streamer's channel - along the lines of "[Streamer Name] Raid!" in most cases. It should be noted that raids are meant to be friendly, community-building activities! So if you're planning to raid, always ensure that the channel you're raiding is okay with you doing so. (Or, just keep a list of fellow streamers that have already given you clearance.) Just remember, not everyone wants to be raided!

(Do note that a host typically accompanies a raid - but, not always.)

If the streamer you're raiding starts getting a bit flustered, be encouraging! They might spend the first 5 minutes panicking or constantly thanking people, but that's not unusual. Be sure to join-in on the fun and drop a follow while you're there. Typically your favorite streamers will have a few friends they like to play with, so it's a great way to discover new communities!

Stream Ratings

There's a wide variety of content that you can find out here on Mixer - and, we want to make sure you have the tools to find the communities that make the most sense for you. To help make life easier right at the top level - we've got Stream Ratings tailored to your exact needs.

The ratings can range from Family Friendly to 18+ (the full rundown on each can be found right here), but just keep these two things in mind as you're searching through Mixer:

  • If a streamer is playing a game that's rated M by the ESRB, their stream must be set to 18+, even if their individual style isn't mature.
  • If they're a streamer that uses their camera, attire must meet the criteria of our Streamer Clothing Requirements

Joining a new community

During your time out in the Mixer Community, there's a good chance that you'll end up joining a great many new communities.

During that process, just remember:

  • You're totally allowed to lurk at first! Getting a sense of the room is never a bad thing.
  • Say hi to the streamer! They're excited to see you!
  • Keep the rules in mind! Not every stream may be for you, and our ratings system is there to help guide your hand.
  • See something you think might break Rules of User Conduct? Never hesitate to send us a report. We'll look at it and make the call.
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