How to get into the HypeZone


The HypeZone is Mixer's home to showcase the most exciting, down-to-the-wire action - all powered by our very own technology. HypeZone scans select games (see a full list right here) via machine learning to search for key gameplay moments.

Once it tracks down a stream that's right in the sweet spot, HypeZone drops a host to feature the content! This way, everyone on Mixer has a chance to be spotlighted in front of hundreds of new viewers - if they've got the skills.

How do I get in a HypeZone?

The exact actions needed to get into the HypeZone can vary depending on what game you're playing is. But, no matter what game you're playing - the closer you are to winning, the higher your probability of being hosted. If you're able to consistently reach the mountaintop in whatever competitive game you're playing, HypeZone will pick you and you'll get a brand new audience to help cheer you on!

Here's a few of the technical details you'll need to get right, to ensure HypeZone finds you:

  • Ensure your game is set correctly!
  • Have the game playing full-screen, rather than in a frame or a sub-section of the screen.
  • Try to do your best to ensure the best video quality. (If your stream is too pixelated, HypeZone might not be able to tell how well you're doing.)
  • Do your best to keep stream overlays and alerts off of in-game UI! HypeZone is looking for the UI to know how well you're playing, so if it can't see that it won't pick you. (Ex: Score bars, left alive counters, kills.)

Once you're in the HypeZone, make the most out of it! Make sure to say hello to HypeZone as it rolls in - but, maintain your focus on getting the win. (You can even let them know!) If you have some time to talk at the very end, it's totally okay to have a quick elevator pitch ready to tell people more about you.

And most of all, it's going to be a new audience! Be sure to keep it clean.

Now, go get some W's!

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