What are Sparks?

We're all about expression. Skills are your go-to way to share your feelings with Chat, your favorite broadcaster, and to help Mixer Partners get more from Embers!

What are Sparks on Mixer?

Here on Mixer, we've got some of our own site-wide currencies for you to earn, spend, and use to share some love with your favorite steamers. The most fundamental among those are, without a doubt, Sparks.

Sparks are earned by watching streams and streaming yourself. That's it!

As you earn, you can use Sparks on our site-wide Skills (such as Stickers and Rallies), and Partners have the ability to create Stickers all their own and price them however they wish. And, if you're watching a streamer with a particularly customized stream, you can also use them to engage with their MixPlay Board.

Do take note that, while Sparks are usable site-wide - Partners get an added bonus to the Embers they earn! Depending on how many Sparks are spent on a Mixer Partner's channel, they can get increasingly powerful bonuses as a result of the Spark Crystal, just below their stream window. (Each Partner's Spark crystal will keep track of this for you, so check in often!)


How do I earn Sparks?

Stream to Mixer, and watch Streams on Mixer. That's all you've got to do!

But in addition to watching and streaming on Mixer, there's a great many ways to increase the number of Sparks you earn. If you're Pro, you'll get an additional multiplier - and, same with when you subscribe to a channel.

That's why we made this handy-dandy graphic to help you keep it all straight:


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