What are Embers?

So you've spent some time out on Mixer and you've followed some of your new favorite streamers. But, you're spending Sparks and while it's been going great - you might want to show a bit more of your support.

Introducing, Embers!

What are Embers, anyway?

Embers are Mixer's form of paid currency, which can be purchased to access premium Skills and further support your favorite content creators! While you still earn Sparks as you watch and stream - Embers are used for animated stickers, full-screen effects, and more - and they ultimately support Partners and Monetized channels financially.

How do I get Embers?

If you're on, just click the 'Get Embers' button right at the top of the web page. Or, if you're on Mixer Mobile or Xbox One, you can just click the "+" button next to the Ember icon in the far lower-right hand corner of the Skill tray.

There's a variety of different Ember bundles you can purchase, so go with what best suits your needs! Once you've entered and confirmed your payment information, you'll get a notification that Embers have been added to your account.

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