How to set-up your profile

Your Mixer Account

Right at the very center of all your experiences out here on Mixer, is your account. With it, you can help build communities, keep others safe, and hang out with your favorite broadcasters! That's why it's important to make sure you understand everything it can offer - and, that you understand how to keep it safe. 

Filling out your profile

When you create your Mixer account you'll be auto-assigned a username that, in all likelihood, you'll want to update. (Note that at this time Mixer doesn't automatically update your username to match your Xbox Live GamerTag.) But, there's a few ways to update your username!

 On your Desktop you can change your username on the Account page, right here, and head over to the 'Change Username' panel:


On the Mixer mobile app you can update your username by tapping the Profile icon in the bottom-right of the app, then tapping the pencil icon just to the right-hand side of your username:

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