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This article focuses on only the Partner Center required steps.  For a broad overview of signing up your channel for Mixer Monetization, visit   

Ready to start making money on Mixer?  There are 4 steps to complete on Partner center.  Dive in below to the section you’re working on.   

Creating an Account


To begin, fill out the required information to create your account.  

Should I choose “Individual” or “Company”? 
You should only choose the “Company” option if you have legally registered your brand/business as a company and you have an identification number of that business such as the EIN in the US.  

What do I enter in “Publisher display name”? 
Please enter your Mixer channel name or company name in this field. 

Still need help creating an account?  
Visit, then select the “Contact us” tab, and finally from the dropdown select “Dashboard” and finally “Account setup & management..   

Sign the Mixer Program Agreement


By signing the Mixer Program Agreement, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for monetization on Mixer. Please read through the entire agreement before signing 

Tax Profile
If your tax shows as invalid, select “Edit and fill out the required information.


  1. Select the option that best applies to you 
  2. If you select “Individual” during the account creation step and are a US streamer, you will need your Social Security Number. It will be required for the next set of steps.  
  3. If you selected Company during the account creation, you would need the documents for your company which include your you company identification number such as the EIN in the US. 

Still need help creating an account?  
Visit, then select the “Contact us” tab, and finally from the dropdown select “Dashboard” and finally “Account setup & management..   

Payout Profile
Now that your tax profile has been completedyou will need to create a Payout Profile. This has a few steps:
Choose a Profile
This profile notifies us how you would like to be paid for the monetization features on Mixer. For more information on how payouts work and different payout options:  

Select your tax profile by clicking on the dropdown menu for “Tax profile. 


Then select the payment method you would like from the dropdown. Partner Center supports both PayPal and Electronic Bank Transfers. 



From the dropdown under “Payment profile, select Create a New Payment Profile. This will open a new window for Microsoft Payment Central. You will be asked to enter your payout information in this portalPlease note that the process of creating your profile changes depending on the payment method selected. 

PayPal Profile


If you would like to be paid via PayPal, you will need to enter your PayPal account information. Make sure to unblock eCheck payments following the instructions provided there. 


Enter your phone, email, and address information and click Finish” at the bottom. 

Electronic Bank Transfer Profile
Before you start, please make sure you have your correct bank account information including the account routing number, account type, and account number. 


Create the “Profile name and choose the account location. The profile name is simply to help you identify the bank profile. Once selected, select the payment method “Electronic Bank Transfer. 


Fill out the information for your bank account. This includes your account routing number, account type, and account number.  

Please note that the system should have auto-filled your account routing information based on the information provided. If it didn’t, please go through and fill the banks information manually. 


Finally, fill out the beneficiary information. The tool will pre-populate data based on your previous responses. The data you provide must be in-line with the information provided to your bank. 

You should enter whatever name your bank account is registered under.  If you are setting up an account for yourself and did not establish a company for your streaming channel, this name is likely your own name, not a company name.  

Once you are done select “Finish”.  

Finish Setup


Once you finish completing your payout profile, you will be navigated back to the Payout and Tax profile assignment page. Select the payment method, payment profile, and currency using the dropdown menus. Then select “Submit”. 


When you have completed your tax and payment profiles, Microsoft will validate your information. Validation may take up to 24 hours. 

Monetization on your channel is enabled if you see a confirmation on your Onboarding Wizard.  


The finish button is greyed out when I check the box to agree to the Mixer agreement. What do I do?


Change browsers. This issue usually comes up on Edge. Try another browser and see if the issue persist.

When filling out my payout information, I see one of the following errors, what do I do?


You will need to enter a 9-digit zip code which is used to define your tax area. To find your 9-digit zipcode please visit here.

I’m having trouble accepting the Mixer agreement, specifically the “Microsoft Pay Merchant Terms” agreement. Why do I need to sign these terms anyway?


You only need to accept the “Mixer Content Monetization Terms and Conditions” agreement as part of signing up for Monetization on Mixer. You can ignore the “Microsoft Pay Merchant Terms” agreement pictured above, as well as the alert above. We are working on removing this extra agreement from your display.

Still need help finishing setup? 
Visit, then select the “Contact us” tab, and finally from the dropdown select “Dashboard” and finally “Account setup & management..   

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