Game Pass Creators Program FAQ

With this program, you can support Mixer Partners when you join Xbox Game Pass. Click here to see the full list of Mixer Partners who are eligible.

Q: How do I support Mixer Partners when I join Xbox Game Pass?
A: After signing up for Xbox Game Pass, download the Xbox (beta) app for PC (requires Windows 10 19H1 update) or the Xbox Game Pass app for iOS or Android. Next, sign into either app with the same Xbox Live account you signed up to Xbox Game Pass with. Finally, select “Support a creator” in the account menu and type in a Mixer Partner’s name, which also serves as their creator code. For example, if you wanted to support MixerLFG then you would enter their username, MixerLFG, in the pop up box.  For a list of Mixer Partners, click here



Q: Why can’t I support a Mixer Partner? I’m getting a message I’m not eligible.
A: There may be a couple reasons you can’t support a Mixer Partner. First, only new Xbox Game Pass members and existing Xbox Game Pass or Gold members who upgrade to Ultimate within their first 30 days are eligible. So, if you signed up to Xbox Game Pass or upgraded to Ultimate prior to 7/28/2019, your membership is not within the window to participate. Second, this program is limited to one use per Xbox Live account. Please contact support if you are continuing to have issues.

Q: I did the 3-year upgrade to Ultimate. Am I eligible?
A: If you completed your upgrade within the past 30 days (after 7/28/2019) you are eligible, but if you did it more than 30 days ago you are not.

Q: I previously owned Game Pass but left for a while. Am I eligible?
A: You’re eligible if you upgrade or purchase a SKU (Ultimate, Console, PC) you previously did not own. 

Q: How much will Mixer partners earn?
A:  Mixer Partners will earn $3 for every new Xbox Game Pass membership (Ultimate, Console or PC) credited to their channel, and will also earn this incentive when existing Console, PC or Gold members upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Q: Is this a recurring payment every month?
A:  No, this is a one-time payment to Mixer Partners for every new Xbox Game Pass membership (Ultimate, Console or PC) as well as any existing Xbox Game Pass (Console, PC) or Xbox Live Gold memberships that upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Q: Can I cancel my current Xbox Game Pass membership and re-subscribe to support a Mixer Partner?
A:  No. This program is designed for new Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate, Console or PC) members and existing Console, PC and Gold members who upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate only. This is the first step we’re taking to bring these services closer together. Stay tuned for future Mixer and Xbox Game Pass news.

Q: Are all creators on Mixer eligible for this?
A: Right now, Mixer Partners are the only streamers that can monetize on the platform. Back in July, we discussed how we’re working to expand our monetization features to more streamers this fall, starting with Embers and later Channel Subscriptions. We’ll evaluate if additional monetization features make sense after that rollout is complete, but don’t have anything to share currently.

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