Verified Channel Program

A verification badge denotes a Mixer channel that is of public interest and is verified as authentic by Mixer. 

Verified Channels on Mixer, including their owners and content, are not endorsed, supported, recommended, or otherwise affiliated with Mixer or Microsoft.  The badge only indicates authenticity of identity. 

You will see a channel verification badge in the same place and location on any Verified Mixer channel as shown below. Any other representation of this badge in bio, channel name, or different color, etc, is not an officially verified account. Verified badges are only given by Mixer’s Verified Channel Team directly and not through any 3rd party service.  

Who can get a Verified Channel on Mixer? 

At Mixer we will look at a range of factors when evaluating an account’s criteria to be verified. On top of reviewing certain criteria, every Verified Channel will be held accountable to Mixer’s Terms of Service and Rules of User Conduct

Criteria in which a channel will be reviewed on:

  • Authenticity
    • Channels must represent a real person, entity, or registered business.
  • Notoriety
    • You must be able to demonstrate that your Mixer account represents a well-known individual, business, entity, or notable industry figure.
  • Channel setup
    • Channels must be fully setup with profile photo, about section, offline photo, and linked verified social media accounts. 

How do I request a Verified Channel on Mixer?

For those who wish to apply for a Verified Channel on Mixer and you feel you meet the guidelines mentioned above, please visit the following link and "APPLY"

 When submitting a request, you must include the following:

  • A summary of your request
    • Please inform us why you’d like the Mixer channel to be verified!
  • Celebrity/Individual:
    • Authenticate via email submission, we will validate your identity via the application process.
  • Business:
    • Authenticate via email submission, we will validate your business identity via the application process.
  • Charities
    • Proof of 501(c)(3), 501(a), or 509(a)(1)
  • Provide links to all your relevant Verified Social Media accounts and links to other streaming services if applicable.
  • 2FA must be enabled on your Mixer prior to applying.
  • Linked Verified social media accounts on your Mixer Channel prior to applying. 

Requesting verification is not a guarantee of approval, each case will be reviewed individually. Mixer reserves the right to decline requests with or without explanation. Approval may take up to 30 days, depending on demand.

I’m verified on another platform; can I transfer that to Mixer? 

Verification on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other streaming or social platforms does not guarantee an approval of verification on Mixer. Having a well-established brand will assist you in applying but does not guarantee automatic verification as each request will be individually reviewed. 

Removal of Verification 

Verified Channels are at risk of losing verification on Mixer if a channel/individual breaks the Mixer Terms of Service or Rules of User Conduct as well as: 

  • Selling or transferring a verified channel
  • Using a Verified Channel to exclusively advertise competitive platforms through streamed content and/or channel page information sections 

Mixer reserves the right to remove Channel Verification at any time.


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