What is Spark Patronage?

When you use Sparks on Skills or MixPlay, you can support partnered streamers without spending any money. This is what we call Spark Patronage. 

Partnered streamers have a blue, purple, or pink rocket displayed on their streams. The rocket shows different milestones representing various financial rewards. Spend your Sparks to fill the rocket, and partners will receive a financial reward for each milestone reached.

(Milestones and Spark amounts may vary)

PARTNERS: Amounts are additive, not cumulative. Rewards will be paid out at the end of the month. Note that spending Sparks on your own channel do not count toward patronage.

VIEWERS: Be aware of who benefits from your Sparks! On hosted streams, Sparks spent on the hoster's stream will go to the hostee. On co-streams, Sparks will benefit the partner whose URL you are on

  • Hosting Example: If streamer A is hosting streamer Z and you spend Sparks, they will go to streamer Z. 
  • Co-Stream Example: If streamer A, B, and C are in a co-stream and you're watching via streamer A's URL, Sparks spent will go to streamer A, regardless of who you have selected to view their channel. 
  • When in doubt, check the Skills tray. It will tell you which streamer will benefit from your Sparks.


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