What are Skills?

Skills are fun ways to express yourself while watching your favorite stream. Better yet, using Skills supports partnered streamers!


To use Skills:

  • Open the Skills tray on the bottom-right corner of your screen to see a catalog of available Skills
  • Choose from Stickers, Effects, or Rallies, listed at the top of the Skills tray
    • Stickers will appear in chat, similar to emojis but bigger
    • Effects include things like GIFs and animated events
    • Rallies are activities that everyone in the stream can play in. Start a beach party and see how long you can keep it going!


  • Spend your Sparks to use Skills. If a Skill is locked or grayed out, level up or earn more Sparks to unlock it.
    • IMPORTANT: Mobile users must download the Mixer app to use Skills

Skills update frequently, so there’s always something new to use, unlock and collect.

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