Digital Safety and Streamer Success FAQ

Is this Season 3? Is Season 2 Over?
Season 2 is still in progress. There’s more that we want to deliver as part of Season 2 in the areas of expression and viewer recognition. Our commitments to maintaining a strong Mixer community and to supporting streamers’ success are at the core of what Mixer is all about, and we do not think of these investments as being limited to a Season.

I love the existing Embers and Sparks Patronage programs and don't want them to change. What changes are you making and why?
The participation and enthusiasm we’ve seen around Embers and Sparks Patronage has been amazing. The biggest change we want to make is exploring how to scale these monetization opportunities to more streamers – we want all streamers to be able to participate if they choose to. That larger scale will require that we make adjustments to the existing program. Just like we did when Embers and Sparks patronage first launched, we’ll be tweaking and experimenting in the coming weeks to learn what works best in making these programs available across more channels. The first experiment will use Sparks Patronage to accelerate a streamer’s earnings from Embers, with more experiments to follow.

Why are you closing the Mixer Create app? Can I still broadcast Mixer from my phone?
We made the tough decision to close Mixer Create based on both feedback and analysis of streamer usage. We’ve decided to focus on continued development of the main Mixer Mobile app for viewing and for use as a companion app for streamers broadcasting from other devices. You can still broadcast to Mixer from your mobile device using third-party tools such as the ones offered by Streamlabs.

Of all the new programs and features you announced, what's available today and when is everything else launching?
As of today, viewers are able to use the new report abuse capability located right within the player window, and we have already implemented new software tools and increased our professional moderation team to actively review activity on Mixer. Likewise, we have updated Mixer’s Rules of User Conduct in English and are quickly following with the corresponding updates in other languages. 

In August, streamers will start seeing new tools for moderating their channels and controlling chat participation. On August 29, the initial release of the Streamer Review system will go into place, requiring streamers to login with their Microsoft Account and to complete certain steps before starting their first camera-capable broadcast.
We’ll be rolling out all other programs and capabilities described in the blog over the following weeks and months. This includes the ability for all streamers to participate in monetization on Mixer, the launch of Mixer Academy and the new Moderator Program, as well as the new Streamer Progression dashboard, updates to Streamer Analytics and additional features of the Toxicity Screen system.
Keep an eye on for updates as new features and programs roll out.

I'm a streamer and really excited about getting to monetize my channel. How do I get started?
We are really excited about this new program too! We don’t have a specific launch date to share just yet, but keep an eye on for information as we get closer to launch. In the meantime, continue to focus on driving great engagement on your channel and let us know at if you have any great ideas for the expanded monetization program.

I love Mixer's positive community and want to do my part to help keep it that way. What can I do? How can I help?
Great question! It is because of people like you that the Mixer community is positive, welcoming and supportive. You can help keep it that way by both continuing to set a good example and by encouraging positive community interactions. One of our favorite aspects of Mixer is how the community welcomes new viewers and shares their knowledge. Keep up the GGs and support for your favorite streamers. And of course, keep sharing your feedback and ideas with us at

If I see something on Mixer that looks like it's breaking the rules ( aka against the Mixer Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service ) , what should I do?
First of all, thank you for playing such an active role in keeping Mixer a fun, positive and welcoming community. If you see anything on Mixer that appears to violate Mixer’s Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service, you can report it to our CAT Guardians. Check out this article for information on how to report violations.

I stream on Mixer today, and appreciate the investments Mixer is making in addressing digital safety and toxicity. Is there anything I need to do to keep streaming?
As part of the Streamer Review system that goes into place on August 29, we’ll be implementing a few new steps for streamers before starting a camera-capable stream. This will include logging in with a Microsoft account, watching a brief video about streamer expectations on Mixer and waiting 24-hours before starting the first camera-capable stream. We’ll be sharing more details as we get closer to the date, including information on how you can complete these steps ahead of time. Stay tuned at for all the details.


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