Sub Gifting FAQ

What is Sub Gifting?
Sub gifting (or subscription gifting) allows anyone to purchase a channel subscription on behalf of another user in order to gift them the benefits of a subscriber.

How do I gift a subscription?
1. To buy a gift sub, you'll need to be on a Partnered Mixer channel with a SUB button.
2. Click the SUB button to open the purchasing option menu.


3. On the purchasing menu you'll find several option - select "GIFT A SUB". 


4. On the following screen you'll be prompted to pick a viewer to gift the subscription to. Select the desired user and click "GIFT NOW". 

Only names of people who are currently in chat, not already an active subscriber, and who are not in lurk mode should show in the search results. 


5. From here you'll be prompted to enter your Microsoft account payment details. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase! 


My subscription didn't get applied. What do I do? 
Please reach out to our Support Team at or to let us know and they'll look into the issue. Provide the following information so that they may better assist you. 

1. Your Mixer account name.
2. The Channel you bought the subscription in.
3. The user that should have received the gift.
4. The order number for the purchase as seen at

What if someone else gifts a subscription at the same time?
If you managed to gift a subscription at the same time to the same user, the subscription benefits should stack to the recipient. 

Can I gift more than one sub at a time?
Currently you are only able to gift one subscription at a time. 

Encounter a different issue or have a question not on this article? Reach out to our Support Team at or

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