Channel Progression FAQ

Q: What is Channel Progression?

  • Channel Progression is a per channel ranking system that allows you to show your dedication to that channel! You can rank up by interacting in a channel and get a fancy badge next to your name as you progress. 

Q: How do I rank up? 

  • You rank up by participating in that channel. To find out how you can gain more hearts, click the icon to the left of the chat input box. 

Q: What are hearts?

  • You can think of hearts as your experience points for the channel. The more you get, the more you'll rank up!

Q: What is the max rank?

  • Currently the max rank is 99. 

Q: I subscribed, but don't see the hearts?

  • Fear not, you did get them! However, if you subscribed to the channel while it was offline, it won't show until the streamer is live. 

Q: Can I turn off Channel Progression?

  • There is currently no way to turn off Channel Progression from the channel side or user's end. 

Q: What channels have Channel Progression?

  • All channels on Mixer have Channel Progression enabled. 

Q: What platforms can I earn Channel Progression on?

  • You earn Channel Progression hearts while using Mixer on any platform. 

Q: Can I manually grant hearts to my viewers?

  • Yes!, use the /givehearts <username> <amount> command to give hearts to your viewers

Q: Can I manually remove hearts from my viewers?

  • Yes!, use the /removehearts <username> <amount> command to remove hearts from your viewers

Q: Why did my rank reset?

  • If you are inactive in the channel for X time, your rank will reset. 
    • Level 48 and under: No activity in the channel for 90 days.
    • Level 49 and up: No activity in the channel for 18 months. 
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