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Welcome to the My Loot Overview!

The My Loot Page is where you can find any product keys that you have gained thorough Mixer promotions.

Q: How do I earn keys?

You can earn product keys in two ways! Subscriber Rewards & Mixer Loot!

Subscriber Rewards
Subscriber Rewards can be granted as part of a subscription bundle. On some Mixer partner channels, you will be able to get in game items as part of your subscription. The codes for those items will appear on your My Loot Page. 

For info on what subscription bundles are currently available, check out our blog.

Mixer Loot
You can earn Mixer Loot by watching objectives happening on stream, such as seeing a certain number of games played. Mixer Loot occurs during promotional periods, so be sure to follow our social media to know what game you can earn cool things in next. 

Q: Where can I find out about the latest Mixer loot promotions?

Check out our blog and social media for currently active promotions. 

Q: How do I claim product Keys?
Note this option has been removed, however you can still access your Loot page here or in the Mixer mobile app.

  1. After making the purchase via the promotional banner, you'll want to head to your My Loot page on You can get there by clicking your avatar in the top right of, then clicking on "My Loot".
  2. On this page you'll see your available loot. Select the platform you wish to redeem the product key on and click "CLAIM CODE".
  3. Once you claim the code, you will need to enter the code appropriately. Depending on the game and platform, these instructions may be different.

Please note, not all offerings will be on all platforms and are subject to availability.

Q: Do the codes expire?

No, the codes once claimed do not expire.

Q: What streams qualify for Loot?

Any channel streaming a qualifying game and supporting game mode.

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