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Mixer Points

Mixer Points are an in-game currency that can be acquired on Mixer for both SMITE and Paladins.

Q: How do I get Mixer Points?

  • In order to start getting Mixer Points, you'll need to link your Hi-Rez and Mixer accounts. To link your Hi-Rez account to Mixer, please see here. After linking your accounts, you'll begin to acquire 5 Mixer Points per hour of viewing a SMITE or Paladins stream on Mixer. Looking for a little extra? See "PaladinsGame Mixer Points via Skills" below.

Q: What can I buy with Mixer Points?

  • For a full list of available items, please see here.

Q: I'm not seeing the banner on a SMITE/Paladins stream?

  • In order for the banner to show and for you to start gaining Mixer Points while watching SMITE/Paladins, the channel owner must first link their Hi-Rez and Mixer account and restart the stream if live at the moment. 

PaladinsGame Mixer Points via Skills

Looking for a quick advance towards those Mixer Store items in-game? We've got you covered! Visit and click the "SKILLS" button. You'll see some custom ember skills, fire one of these and you'll be awarded with some extra Mixer Points in Paladins. IMPORTANT: In order to get Mixer Points, you must first link your Hi-Rez account to Mixer. To do this, please see here. Please note that ember purchases made prior to linking your Hi-Rez accounts will not be refunded and the Mixer Points will not show in-game.

Q: How many Mixer Points do I get per skill?

  • 10 Mixer Points

SMITE and Paladins Virtual Currency Bundle


Promotion is over, keep an eye on social media for future promotions.
For a limited time (April 23, 2019 - April 30, 2019) eligible partnered streamers will have a special offer on their channel. While watching via desktop, you'll see a promotional banner for a 1-month, non-renewing channel subscription that comes with FREE SMITE Gems or Paladins Crystals (each including 400 in-game currency).

Q: How do I get my Gems/Crystals after purchase?

  1. After making the purchase via the promotional banner, you'll want to head to your My Loot page on You can get there by clicking your avatar in the top right of, then clicking on "My Loot".
  2. On this page you'll see your available loot. Select the platform you wish to redeem the product key on and click "CLAIM CODE".
  3. Once you claim the code, load up SMITE/Paladins and redeem it via the in-game option.

Q: Can I buy this promotion more than once?

  • Yes, however only one purchase per eligible channel is allowed.

Q: I don't see the promotional banner?

  • There are a couple reasons you may not see the banner.
    1. The channel you are watching is not part of the promotion. 
    2. You previously dismissed the promotional banner. 

Q: What platforms can I redeem the code for?

  • You can select the platform you wish to redeem the codes on. (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Switch )

Q: Do the codes expire?

  • No, the codes once claimed do not expire.

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