Sticker Creation Guide

Thank you for your interest in creating custom stickers, this is currently only available to partners and verified channels.

To start with please ensure you've reviewed our Sticker Guidelines. With those read let's get started.

  1. Visit the Streamer Dashboard and click on the Skills section on the left menu.
  2. You'll be presented with a grid of stickers. This grid is separated into two sections Global and Channel. 
  3. To add a new Sticker for your channel Click the "Add New" button in the Channel Stickers Section.
  4. A form to the right will open for you to fill in.
  5. Select an Image in the top box. This is the image your sticker will use.
  6. Enter a name for your sticker, this name will be shown with the image of your sticker in various locations such as the Skill Tray and Data reporting.
  7. Choose a Currency for your Sticker, As a partner you can select Sparks or Embers.
  8. Chose a Price for the Sticker, this is the price users will pay to use your Sticker.
  9. You can also select a Global Level Requirement for a Sticker, this is the Global Mixer Level that a user is required to have to utilize your Sticker.
  10. Click Create
  11. That's It!

Stickers added will take up to 5 minutes to appear on your channel page.

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