Broadcast Dashboard FAQ

What is the Broadcast Dashboard? 

The Broadcast Dashboard is the central location where you can manage and tweak your channel as well as access and consume data about your stream, viewers and patronage. It is a tool for streamers to be in control of their stream.

How to access it? 

  1. On Desktop, click on your profile icon in the top right to open the Hub. 
  2. Click on Broadcast Dashboard 


  1. Go to

Broadcast Dashboard contents 

  1. Manage Channel:  
    1. As part of the manage channel section you will find settings to control your broadcast, customize your channel, watch past streams, access clips and modify your viewer roles. 
    2. For more information check out the manage channel article. 
  1. Analytics 
    1. In the analytics section you will find a variety of graphs and data visualizations regarding your stream, engagement on your channel and in the case of partners, data regarding your revenue sources. 
    2. For more information check out the analytics article
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