Analytics FAQ

Stream Analytics

  • In this section you will find analytics regarding your stream: how many people are watching you, how many are following you and where are they both regarding the device they use as well as the country they are from. 
    1. Filters: The stream analytics page can be filtered by date using the filter at the top of the page. analytics-filters.png
    2. Total Views: Shows the number of viewers that the channel has throughout time. It can be pivoted to show instead of viewers followers added. analytics-total-views.png
    3. New Followers: Shows the total number of new followers added during the given timeframe set at the top. analytics-new-followers.png
    4. Sparks from Streaming: Shows the total number of sparks earned from streaming during the time period. This correlated directly to the total number of minutes/hours streamed. analytics-sparks.png
    5. Platform: Shows a breakdown of which platforms your users were watching your from. On the top it shows specifically the browser that the user was using. (Note: Xbox is counted as Edge) On the bottom it shows the breakdown by overall platform. analytics-platform.png
    6. Top Games: Shows the top games being streamed on Mixer at that moment. This report gives you an idea of the games that are the most popular and have the most number of viewers and streamers. The report can be filters using the top right icon. analytics-games.png
    7. Countries: Shows the countries from where your viewers are watching. Gives you an idea of what countries most of your audience is coming from. analytics-countries.png

Engagement Analytics

  • In this section, you will find analytics regarding the engagement in your channel through the use of our platform currencies sparks and embers (for partners). You can see who is the top spender in your channel as well as when during your stream are they spending the most. 
    1. Leaderboards: Shows the top currency contributors on your channel. Leaderboards are available for both sparks and embers. They can be pivoted by week (resets Tuesday 9AM PST), month (1st of month), year (1st of year) or all-time. analytics-leaderboards.png
    2. Plotlines: Shows the amount of sparks and embers spent on your channel. The report is pivoted by the last 24 hour, last 7 days, last 30 days. analytics-plotlines.png

Revenue Analytics 

  • This section is all about money and our monetization features. It will give you an idea of how much you will be paid and where that revenue is coming from. 

    Note: Dollar amounts on the dashboard are close estimates to the actual payout amount. To see actual payout numbers, please refer to your Partner Center dashboard.

    • Revenue Report: Shows revenue totals for the past three months. It shows the breakdown of the month by day and by revenue category. The report pivots by clicking on the month and the category. analytics-revenue.png
    • Subs report (Partners only): Shows the breakdown of subscribers for the past three months, a breakdown of total subs by day and a breakdown of added and lost subs per day. The new, recurring and cancelled values pivot by clicking on the month buttons. The added vs total graphs pivot by clicking on the graph icon. analytics-subs.png
    • Milestone Report (Partners only): Shows the current state of the sparks milestone crystal. It is a carbon copy of the one on your channel page. milestone.png
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