What are Embers and How do I use them?

Embers are Mixer’s form of paid currency, which can be purchased to access premium Skills and further support your favorite streamer.

You still earn Sparks for free just by watching streams, and Sparks can still be used for Skills, MixPlay, and more. Embers allow you to access premium Skills, such as animated stickers and full-screen effects, and more direct financial support to partnered streamers.

To purchase Embers:
Just click the “Get Embers” button on the top of or hit the “Ember +” button in the Skill Tray on the Mixer mobile app or Xbox One app.


Select the bundle of Embers you would like to purchase. Once you have entered or confirmed your payment information, you will get a notification that the Embers have been added to your account. 

To purchase Skills with Embers:
While viewing a stream, open the Skills tray and view “Premium” to see available Premium Skills.

Select the Skill you’d like to purchase, and if you like, you can include an optional message which will be highlighted in chat.



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