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Before jumping into this article, we recommend checking out Part 1 of our series on sponsorships: Working With Sponsors. It covers the basics of why you may want to be sponsored, different kinds of sponsorships, and where to start.


How to pitch

Once you identify a potential sponsor, you will want to submit a formal pitch via business email. This email can make or break your chances of landing any company as a sponsor. You need to showcase your passion, professionalism, and unique attributes that make you an ideal partner for their brand.

Make sure your business email utilizes a signature that shows your logo or identifiable branding, a link to your channel, and social media profiles. Your potential sponsor may have to sift through hundreds or thousands of emails a week, and they won’t have the time to search for information. Make everything clickable and easy-to-access.

For more help utilizing your business email, check out this article on Networking & Biz Dev.


What to include

Keep the email as short as possible while conveying all the important information and your enthusiasm for the product. The best way to do this is by incorporating a one-pager. More on that later.

  1. Start by expressing your interest in their product. Explain you are interested in a sponsorship or deal.
  2. Segue into how your personality and stream community are a natural fit for their brand.
  3. Explain what you can do for the brand, in the form of exposure, product placement, and/or social media coverage. Don’t be afraid to get creative. This is a good place to mention other brands you have successfully worked with in the past.
  4. Lastly, list your headline stats, like followers, concurrent viewers, and views per month. Growth and engagement month over month is valuable. You should also list social media impressions and engagement. Gather stats from your Mixer dashboard,, YouTube dashboard, etc. Make note of the ones you feel are most impressive. Do you have 7,000 followers on Twitter but only 975 on Instagram? Highlight Twitter.

Important: Don’t inflate your numbers. Be especially careful when listing “concurrent viewer” numbers. This is where it is most critical to be up front. If you float around 100 concurrent viewers over the majority of your stream, but spike to 300 once a week, make sure you explain that. If they drop by your channel expecting to see 300 and only see 100, they may feel deceived.


Your onesheet

A onesheet is a single-page slide with a visual representation of your logo and headline stats. It is the most effective way to showcase the information. 

The person reviewing your pitch may only have a moment to glance at it. Showcase the information visually; it will catapult your email to the top.

Your onesheet could be used internally by your original contact to pitch you to their boss, so put some effort into making it look sleek. This can be something as simple as a pre-made PowerPoint template with your logo on it, or a totally custom design.


What happens after I send the email?

Now it’s time to hurry up and... wait. If you don’t hear back for a couple weeks, it could be because your email came at a busy time. Try not to reach out leading up to or during major conventions. After 2-3 weeks with no response, you can send one follow-up email in the same thread as your original email (reply to your own email, just make sure their email is still in the “to” field).

If they don’t respond or their answer is no, stay positive! Getting sponsored is hard. Finding the right sponsor can be like finding a publisher for a novel: difficult, slow, and with lots of rejections before you find the right fit.

Keep streaming, building your community, and (most important) having FUN! Fun and positivity are magic ingredients that can help make your stream appealing to new audiences and potential sponsors alike.

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