Sticker Guidelines


Interested in making stickers? You've come to the right place. For your reference, we have established the guidelines below. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team.

Who can make Stickers?

Currently only verified channels and partners can make stickers for their channel. Each eligible channel can create up to 12 Stickers.


Whilst these guidelines are mostly about style and layout, please remember that Sticker content, must be suitable and appropriate for Mixer.  Please ensure that you're following our Terms of Service and rules when creating stickers.

Stickers found to be breaching our terms of service or rules may be taken down by our team and your account may be subject to additional enforcement action.

Copyrighted Material

You should be careful when using Copyrighted Material in your stickers. Please refer to Can I Use Copyrighted Content On My Stream? If we receive a DMCA Notice about a sticker we will have to take it down.



Make sure your artwork is within the live (blue outlined area) area of 236 x 236 Pixels. Once done apply a 10px white stroke/outline (#FFFFFF) to apply a Diecut effect.

Keep the bounding box at 256 x 256 Pixels (Pink outlined area), even if it's empty.

Mixer dynamically resizes Stickers down to suit the device they are shown on, so make sure to preview your stickers at 60 x 60 Pixels too.



Save your sticker as a transparent PNG or GIF. Its file size should be under 300 KB. Please see the Animated section for specific guidelines around Animated Stickers.


Try your sticker out against a dark background, Mixer uses #29374A.


Do not include Shadows



One Piece

Stickers exist in a digital space but are still grounded by their physical nature, so keep the diecuts simple.



Keep it connected.


This is technically 5 Stickers.


No Negative Space

The real estate for pixels is very limited and having spaces creates more visual noise. Plus, it’s cheaper for printing ;)



Fill in the Gaps.


Sorry, no donut holes or other negative space


Simplified Outline

Less is more in this situation. You don’t need all those loose anchor points, strong silhouettes do stand out in a crowd.



Bold, simplified Silhouette


Too many micro shapes and points.


No Full Squares

We would prefer to have more unique-shaped cutouts but if you have to go full canvas, consider using



We want to diversify our Sticker outlines but this feels better than a square.


Experiment with a cooler shape.                    


Reduce Detail

In this example, our original concept was to make a holy taco by using a stain glass window design but unfortunately it reads poorly when shrunk.



Reduced color and simple lines for readability.


Although it looks great at full resolution, too many details in the line work hinders its legibility when scaled down.


Ember Stickers

Ember stickers will appear in chat with a background color which changes to become more colorful depending on the cost of the sticker.

  • Tier 1 Background: 1249 Embers and Above
  • Tier 2 Background: 4949 Embers and Above
  • Tier 3 Background: 24749 Embers and Above


Partners can upload animated stickers in GIF format. Animated stickers have a minimum price of 250 Embers and cannot be priced in Sparks.

When creating Animated stickers there are additional guidelines that should be followed.


Do not use GIFs sourced from GIF Websites for your stickers, while these are fun to use in other chat applications they are not stickers. As your stickers are resized to fit into chat these may appear stretched or deformed. 


We advise you keep the Animation to 15 frames or less. The more frames you add the larger the file size gets and the longer the animation takes to process.



Ensure that the Animation Loops cleanly. It will be displayed within chat for variable lengths of time depending on the speed of chat within your channel. 


A Photoshop Template for creating stickers is available: mixer_sticker-template_256px.psd


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