Streaming with Desktop App

How to use the app

  1. Download the Desktop App at
  2. Once downloaded and installed, create your account and connect it to your Mixer account.
  3. Go to the Studio tab and go through the wizard selecting Mixer as your streaming service of choice. Then in the Studio you should see the Mixer icon beside the Stream button. playerdotme1.png
  4. Once Mixer has been added as your streaming output you can start creating sets for your streams in the Studio using their Overlay templates or by creating your own.
  5. You can control audio settings, webcam and general stream settings through the icons on the right side of the Studio. playerdotme2.png
  6. The app is automatically setup to provide you with the most optimal stream settings for your machine and network, but you can also manually edit your settings by clicking the cog icon in the Studio and switching from Automatic to Custom. playerdotme3.png
  7. To go live, simply click the Stream button in the studio or you can activate the HUD while you’re in game.

The In-game HUD

  1. To activate the HUD in your game just press CTRL+Tab and you should see the below appear over your game. playerdotme4.png
  2. From the in-game HUD you can start or stop your stream, switch your scenes and access your chat, events and live stats.

That's it, you're all setup!


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