Setting up Partner Center

Mixer uses the Microsoft Partner Center for a major part of the onboarding process. It's absolutely critical that partners complete registration with the Partner Center, or they may not get paid. Follow this guide to make sure you get yours properly set up.

Key Terms

  • Partner Center - a service that Microsoft uses to manage the key documents for different types of partnerships across the org, and that Mixer uses for partners' contracts, tax forms, and payout options.
  • MSA - Microsoft Account. In the case of the Partner Center, this must be the Microsoft Account linked to the Mixer Account.
  • CPA - Content Provider Agreement. After signup, you can find yours under Agreements - Signed Agreements. Click the version number to open.
  • Publisher Display Name - Your channel name, as it displays on Mixer.

TL;DR - Most important steps!

  1. Account creation - You'll fill out a form, please make sure this is all accurate, legal information.
  2. Sign CPA - This will present like a Terms & Conditions page, you'll "accept these terms" and click through. 
  3. Set up Payout - You may use either your bank or PayPal, but if you choose bank, make sure your Onboarding Agent also gets your PayPal information so you can be paid for subs!
  4. Complete Tax - Standard legal stuff, please seek professional counsel if you need help.


Please note that signing up for Partner Center does NOT make you a Mixer Partner, even if you sign the agreement within it. All partners must go through the approval process and be properly screened and reviewed.

As Mixer adds more monetization features, they will all be paid out through our Partner Center. Our subscription payments will continue to be paid through PayPal or MS Pay Wire until we are able to move the subscription system. Please make sure your information is complete and stays up to date!  

Protip: save the invite URL your onboarding agent gives you; this is how you'll view your contract or change your payment details.


1. Account Creation

When Partner Center loads for the first time, it will show you a page like this. Choose your country or region, and the Account Type will populate. Most streamers are considered Individuals; if you have a registered company, you'll know it. 

For this address, please use your official residence or company address (if applicable). This address is not shared with the Merch team; you will have to update that separately. 

2. Sign CPA

Clicking Finish will effectively sign your Content Provider Agreement. 

As of September 2018, clicking Finish will take you to a standard landing page. To navigate to your dashboard from there, either re-enter the URL the onboarding agent gave you, or click Mixer > Overview, then Cogwheel > Developer Settings. 


3. Set up Payout

Clicking Cogwheel > Developer Settings should open this account settings page. You can now enter your payment settings. 

You may change these payment settings at any time.

As of September 2018, sub & synthesized ad revenue is paid exclusively through Paypal or the MS Pay wire tool, so if you sign up for bank payments, please also make sure that your Onboarding Agent gets your PayPal or helps you set up wire!

4. Complete Tax

We can't advise you in how to complete the tax form, but we do need you to fully complete one. If you need help, you'll need to consult a professional outside of Mixer. To complete your tax form, navigate back to your dashboard (Cogwheel > Developer Settings) and click Update.

If your questions are not covered here, please see Partner Center FAQ.

Please note: the process for signing up for this service is covered under your Non-Disclosure Agreement with Mixer. Do not share the details of setting up your Partner Center account, including the website URL to sign up for the Direct Purchase program. We are expecting our partners to keep this private, even from other partners. This information is for your eyes only.

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