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I have already signed my contract through DocuSign. Do I still need to complete Partner Center (“PC”) sign-up?

Yes. PC allows us to utilize existing Microsoft systems and pay you more efficiently and accurately. It will also allow us to more effectively incorporate additional Mixer partner features, such as Direct Purchase, and update the Content Provider Agreement (“CPA”) to support these features. All Mixer partners must complete their PC account information by the Compliance Deadline of October 15, 2018 to avoid payment stoppage and possible termination of their partner agreement with Mixer.

I entered my account type incorrectly in “Payout account.”

We will need to reset your PC sign-up to allow you to redefine your account type. Reach out to

Payout account and/or Tax profile show checkmarks. Am I done?

Once you enter Payout account and Tax profile, a checkmark will appear next to that option as being complete. The checkmark does not mean you have actually completed the process, only that you have entered the process. Double-check that you have filled out Payout account and Tax profile fully by going to "Developer settings" and accessing your "Account settings.” If Payout account and/or Tax profile are incomplete or invalid, we will be unable to pay you after the Compliance Deadline.

The Microsoft Content Provider Agreement looks different than my previous agreement with Mixer.

We periodically update our CPA to include language regarding new Mixer features or to clarify our relationship with our partners and other streamers. The CPA in PC supersedes any previous agreement you may have had with Mixer. Recent updates to the CPA allow us to pay partners for direct purchases originating from their channels, detail clearer guidelines around paid endorsements and testimonials, and clarify Microsoft's rights to terminate partnership on the basis of bad behavior on or off Mixer.

This Content Provider Agreement includes higher partner performance minimums. What if I don’t reach them currently?

These minimums were updated recently to show our expectation that our partners actually stream to our platform and show steady growth in their viewership. We recognize these minimums are larger than some of our partners are able to currently achieve. If you do not reach these minimums, please reach out to your Partner Account Manager for further coaching on increasing viewership.

Why does PC show that I need to accept Microsoft Merchant Terms?

You may find the following page under your "Agreements" options:

There is no action required for Mixer partners. You will see the agreement you have already accepted in the Signed Agreements section. We're talking to Partner Center about disabling this, to remove the confusion.

The CPA in PC does not include my specific terms. Will I receive those separately?

Yes. If you have a custom agreement with Mixer, you will receive Supplemental Terms through DocuSign, but you will still need to click-through the agreement in PC.

My Mixer data did not populate after I completed Partner Center sign-up.

After you complete your Payout account and Tax profile, log out, then log back in to PC. If you still do not see these panes on the "Affiliates" page, check to ensure you do not still see the "Register" button. If you do, Register, log out, and log in.

I got an error while putting in my Payout account information. What should I do?

Ensure that the name you are entering in PC matches the name you have on your PayPal account. If these don't match, the system may reject your PayPal email address. 

I encountered an issue in PC for which there is no direction in this article!

Reach out to

Please note: the process for signing up for this service is covered under your Non-Disclosure Agreement with Mixer. Do not share the details of setting up your Partner Center account, including the website URL to sign up for the Direct Purchase program. We are expecting our partners to keep this private, even from other partners. This information is for your eyes only.


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