What if my application is declined?

Declined applications are tough! We’ve historically had to decline well over 95% of the applications that come in, for various reasons. We’d love to be able to partner everyone who is awesome in general, but we don’t have the resources to support a program like that! So we have to restrict our approvals as much as possible to channels that show the highest quality and greatest potential for success.

Due to the massive volume of applications, reviews, and other queries that come in about these applications, we can’t always detail all the reasons a channel might be declined. We do take and share some notes, but sometimes different review teams see different opportunities for a channel to improve, so a channel might still be declined multiple times.

Unless we remove the human review process, and greatly increase the workload on our partner account management team, we will unfortunately always have applications that are declined which may surprise or disappoint the applicant. We’re all thinking about how we can solve for that, but for now, let’s talk about what happens if your application has been declined.


Remember: you’re not alone.
Many of our partners were declined a few times before they made it in! Our goal is to make sure that every partner holds their momentum from the new partner hype, and continues to grow and improve their channel. If a channel will need a lot of coaching to grow, we will most likely decline and ask them to keep improving their channel before they reapply. Sometimes this takes a few applications to figure out. It’s okay. “No” is not necessarily forever, so long as you’re following the rules and guidelines!


Wait until you’re super confident of your channel’s quality
The biggest mistake that most good streamers make is applying too early. They’ll see the minimum requirements are met and then immediately apply. A professional streamer needs to see a few months of strong growth to be confident of projecting their potential, and so does our review team! By waiting until your channel shows at least two or three months of solid growth, and by making sure your channel looks like a partner channel, you’re going to greatly increase your odds of a positive review in the future!


Getting more details about your decline
We cannot promise we will be able to provide every detail of your review in the decline letter. We do our best to be transparent, while balancing our need to work quickly to keep up with the demand. In most cases, we will be unable to respond back to your query should you respond to our decline notification.

Unless otherwise notified, most applicants are able to apply again at a later date. This will give your channel a chance to mature and have a better chance at becoming partnered in the future. We recommend that learning how to review your channel like we do, as this is a skill that all professional streamers need to continue to grow!

Note that we no longer accept application appeals or requests for feedback. If you would like to submit a suggestion to us, you are welcome to post one at

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