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One of the most important skills to have as a partnered streamer is to be able to review your own channel, and find ways to improve it. But that's such a large topic, where do you begin? We've put together this list of many things that we consider when we're reviewing a channel for partnership, and though it's not everything, it's a very good start!


The Basics

These are things that every streaming channel should have, before they even apply for partnership. While how you do them may be different based on your branding, we recommend that you consider all of the following.

Do you have...

  • A channel name that's easy to read and easy to remember?
  • An avatar that is recognizable as your brand?
  • Social media linked to your channel, and your channel linked on your social media?
  • A clear and visible schedule on your channel?
  • Information about you as a streamer, your channel brand, your community, your chat rules, the artists you support, and/or how to support you in your description?
  • An offline image, or VoD auto-play enabled?
  • VoD enabled?
  • The same graphics on both your channel and your social media?
  • Good moderators that help keep the chat engaged and inline with your brand?
  • Good quality video, at least 720p?

Do you also...

  • Talk to your audience, even when they're not talking to you?
  • Make sure you're always on camera, if you have one?
  • Double check your lighting and sound levels with each stream?
  • Raid or host other streamers with similar content and audiences?
  • Share links to your streams on social media each time you go live?
  • Engage with your audience on you social media in the same way you do on stream?
  • Watch your own VoDs from time to time, to be sure the quality of the audio and video are what you want them to be?
  • Give proper credit to artists, and only stream content you have rights to?


The Channel Community

When thinking about your channel, you should think about it as both a brand and a community. It's hard to have a successful brand without a strong community, and it's just as hard to build a successful community without a strong brand. This something that usually develops over time, but you can consider a few things that will help.

  • Do you have a few good moderators?
  • What does your brand revolve around? What makes your brand enjoyable to you?
  • What kinds of catch phrases can you and your viewers use to celebrate your brand?
  • Does your brand allow for flexibility of content? Are you stuck with one game, or genre?
  • Can you change up your content, either by the game or how you play it or another way, so that you don't burn out?
  • Is your content something that is very popular? Or is it something that is very unique? Does this fit well with your brand?
  • What kinds of special events can you do, to reward your community?
  • How does all of this fit together into one brand that's easy to explain?


The Potential

When the partnerships team talks about partners, we often talk about professionalism. What does that mean? It's the concept of having good business sense and committing to things that are most likely to build the channel as an actual brand. We can't ever truly predict how much potential a channel has to make it professionally, but there are many things that are consistently true of professional brands that we recommend considering.

Do you have...

  • A consistent schedule that doesn't change?
  • A high quality set of matching graphics across all platforms?
  • A very unique aspect of your stream, whether in what you stream, how you stream it, or the way you engage your audience?
  • High quality video and audio?
  • Clean brand-consistent overlays that inform but don't interfere with the stream?
  • A positive attitude in general on stream and on social media?
  • Moderators who keep the chat on topic and engaged with the stream?
  • Steadily increasing concurrent viewer counts, appropriate for your content?

Do you also...

  • Stream at least 3-5 times a week, for at least 3-5 hours each time?
  • Schedule regular time off for yourself (once or twice a week) so you can rest and recover?
  • Regularly remind people to follow your channel, and/or to share on social media?
  • Engage in co-streaming events with, or support other similar content creators?
  • Offer multiple ways for people to support you, and not just with financial contribution?
  • Use official channels for complaints or suggestions, and offer useful information to the company for review?
  • Redirect negative chat to productive conversations?
  • Talk about Mixer on your socials, or in your stream if you're dual-casting, and encourage people to check it out?
  • Talk to and watch other streamers for ideas on how to improve together?
  • Keep up to date on the latest news about the content that you stream?
  • Find sponsorships and promotions that fit well with your brand?


The streaming industry is growing very quickly, and while we can't promise that by doing all these things you will succeed, we have found that doing them very often helps make the experience worthwhile. Good luck out there, and happy streaming!


Note that meeting the minimum requirements to apply for partnership does not guarantee partnership. All channels applying for partnership are expected to have a very high level of quality to their content and are subject to further review by the Mixer Partnerships team. 
Mixer Partnerships reserves the right to decline partnership to any brand or channel that does not fit the Mixer or Microsoft brand with or without further explanation.


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