Global Moderation

Official Mixer channels utilize Global Moderators.  The Official Mixer channels are:  

  • Mixer 
  • ChannelOne 
  • ChannelOnePlus 
  • ChannelOneBR 
  • ChannelOneES 
  • MixerLFG 
  • LevelUpCast 
  • MixerMatchups 
  • Hypezone


Global Moderators: 

  • What they can do
    • timeout users from a channel chat. 
    • ban users from a channel chat. 
  • What they can not do 
    • ban, suspend, or delete your account from Mixer. 
    • answer questions about the Mixer Rules. 


Global Moderators will remove anything that violates the Mixer Rules of Conduct and report the message to Mixer Guardians for further investigation. 

Global Moderators also act (timeout or channel ban) on: 

  • Spam 
  • Self-Promotion 
  • PG-13 language 
  • Sexual innuendo 
  • Non-constructive negativity 

Global moderators will only use the timeout function in a channel that is hosted by Hypezone and will not channel ban users from the streamers channel. 


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