Partner Clips FAQ

Clips are 30 second videos captured from your stream that you can use to replay your best, most memorable moments while live streaming on Mixer. This feature is currently in beta and available to Mixer Partners, Verified Channels, and their respective channel editors. 

To make a clip:

  1. Make sure the setting to "keep recordings of my streams" is toggled on in your Broadcast Dashboard settings. keeprecordings.png
  2. On the bottom right corner of the video player, click the clip icon to make a clip. This will capture approximately past 30 seconds of your live stream. clipsicon.png
  3. The modal player will pop-up. Congrats! You've just made a Clip.
  4. In this modal, you can view your clip, rename the title, and instantly share the clip URL out to your social networks. 
  5. Close out the modal player to go back to your live stream by clicking the "x" on anywhere outside of the modal. 

Q: Can I make clips even if I'm not a Mixer Partner? 

Unfortunately no, at this time the feature is available to Mixer Partners and their channel editors as part of the beta.

Q: How long are Clips? 

Clips are a fixed length of approximately 30 seconds. 

Q: How do I view the clips I have created? 

There is a Clips tab on your channel below the player, as well as in a tab in your Broadcast Dashboard

Q: Will chat show up in my Clip? 

No, at this time, chat replay is unavailable. 

Q: Do Clips expire? 

Yes, Clips expire when the past stream expires. 

Q: Can I rename Clips? 

Yes, just click on the pencil icon next to the clip title when it is playing in the modal, or use the "more options" icon on the Clip card. dots.png

Q: Can I delete Clips? 

 Yes, just click on the "more options" icon on the Clip card on your channel or in your Broadcast Dashboarddots.png

Q: Can I download my Clips? 

Clips can be downloaded from the clip modal on desktop only at this time. 

Q: Do Clips work with co-streams? 

No, not at this time. 

Q: When will the rest of the community have access to this feature?

Stay tuned as we don’t have specifics to share today. We look forward to sharing this feature with more of our community.


Please note: If you delete the original past broadcast that the clip was generated from, you will no longer be able to view that clip.

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