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Clips are 5 to 60 second videos captured from your stream that you can use to replay your best, most memorable moments while live streaming on Mixer. This feature is currently in beta and available to Mixer Partners and Verified Channels. Clip creation is available to a channel’s Channel Editors and Viewers above a specified Rank that the streamer chooses. 

Configuring Your Channel For Clips ( Partner and Verified )

  1. Make sure the setting for “Keep recordings of my streams” is enabled in your Broadcast dashboard settings. 
  2. On the Users section of the dashboard settings, configure any Channel Editors for your channel. These users can create clips, among other things. You can find more information about Channel Editors here.
  3. On the Clips dashboard setting, choose to allow regular Viewers to Clip by selecting the toggle.
    Optionally: Choose a minimum channel Rank that they must be to clip.
    Be sure to save these settings.

Making A Clip

If you are eligible to clip the channel (i.e. you are the Partnered or Verified channel owner, you are a channel editor, or you are a viewer over a particular rank, as configured by the channel owner), you will find the Clip button on the Player window.


In the Clip Preview window, choose what you want to clip by moving the clip selection control. Give the clip a title.


Finally, click Publish to publish the clip to the streamer’s channel. 

Can clips be made from my channel even if I'm not a Mixer Partner? 

At this time, clips can only be made on Partner and Verified channels.

How long can Clips be? 

Clips can be a minimum of 15 seconds and up to 60 seconds. The old clip button will automatically create a clip that is 30 seconds long. 

How do I view the Clips I have created? 

Any user can view Clips via the channel page below the video player by using the "Clips beta" tab.


If you are the channel owner, with the ability to clip ( Partner or Verified channel ) these clips are also viewable in the Broadcast Dashboard, where they can be renamed or deleted.

Will chat show up in my Clip? 

No, at this time, chat replay is unavailable. 

Do Clips expire? 

Yes, Clips expire after 90 days.

Can I rename Clips? 

The channel owner of the clip can rename Clips made on their channel. Click on the pencil icon next to the clip title when it is playing in the modal, or use the "more options" icon on the Clip card. 

Can I delete Clips? 

The channel owner of the clip can delete Clips made on their channel. Click on the "more options" icon on the Clip card on your channel or in your Broadcast Dashboard


Can I download my Clips? 

Clips can be downloaded from the Clips modal on desktop only. 

Do Clips work with co-streams? 

Yes! You can clip a channel that is in a co-streaming.

When will the rest of the community have access to this feature?

Stay tuned as we don’t have specifics to share today. We look forward to sharing this feature with more of our community.


Note: If you delete the original past broadcast or if it expires, you will no longer be able to view clips from that broadcast.

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