HypeZone Clips FAQ

HypeZone Clips are automatically captured for every streamer that makes it into HypeZone. It is a great way to relive your time in the HypeZone, share with friends, and to see everyone else's hypest moments. 

How do I get a HypeZone Clip? 

  1. Make sure the "keep recordings of my stream" setting is turned on in your Manage Channel. 
  2. Get into the HypeZone! Once your game is over, you will see your Clip on both your channel and the corresponding HypeZone channel. 

Which HypeZone channels have Clips? 

All of them. Click here for a complete list of supported games. 

Can I rename my HypeZone Clip? 

No, HypeZone clips have a fixed title. 

How long are HypeZone Clips? 

Clips are a fixed length of approximately one minute. 

Do HypeZone Clips expire? 

Yes, all Clips created by HypeZone will expire after 14 days. 

What if I don't want HypeZone to make a Clip of me? 

You can manually delete the Clip after it is created or turn off the "keep recordings of my stream" setting in your Broadcast Dashboard

Can I download my HypeZone Clips? 

Clips can be downloaded from the clip modal on desktop only.

Do HypeZone Clips work with co-streams? 

Yes, they do! The clip will only show the streamer in the HypeZone, but not others in the co-stream.


Note: If you delete the original past broadcast that the clip was generated from, you will no longer be able to view that clip.

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