Data, Privacy, and You at Mixer


At Mixer, your privacy matters.  We are committed to providing you with information about the data we collect, how we use your data, and ensuring you have the right data controls in place to manage your data and control your privacy.  This page outlines this data and those controls.


Mixer Data

As part of the Mixer service, we capture personal data to provide and improve our social live streaming platform. Your data can be viewed through in-product experiences, and much of it is deleted when you Reset your Mixer account (here).  All of your data can be deleted when you Close your Microsoft account. 

You have visibility and control over your data in the following ways:

My Data

On the My Data page, you can Export personal data or choose to Reset Your Mixer account. Please read more about what this covers at Resetting Your Account.

Please note that Resetting Your Account does not affect or close your Microsoft Account. Some data used to customize your experience on Mixer is shared with other Microsoft services and technologies.  If you would like to manage your Microsoft account, including viewing or revoking data associated with it, please go to

Past Streams

You can download or delete your past streams.  View your past streams by opening the Hub, clicking Broadcast Dashboard, then the Past Streams tab. Or, visit 

For each past stream, you can choose to Download or Delete it.


Chat Messages

You can manage your chat messages in a few ways:

  • You can delete individual messages in the channel in real-time


  • You can clear all messages on your channel with the /clear command


Please note: You cannot delete your chat messages from a previously recorded stream.

For more information on chat commands that are available, please see:

Note: This functionality will not remove any chat logs or tickets stored by CAT for the purpose of tracking and investigating rule infractions.

Partnership Data

If you have an existing partnership or have submitted an application for partnership, please contact to obtain or delete any information collected as part of this process.


Other User Controls


We send notifications to you for a variety of scenarios: a streamer you follow goes online, we release important updates about the platform, we share developer news, and more.  You can control the notifications you receive by viewing the Notification Settings page here: 


Lurk Mode

Lurk Mode allows you to join a channel without being seen publicly in that channel.  To turn on Lurk mode, open your Chat Settings, then select Enable Lurk Mode.  If you start chatting, you will exit Lurk Mode: you will show up when viewing the list of Viewers on the channel.


Third Parties

We work with the following services to provide some aspects of the service and make it better. You can view and control your data with these services, see below:


We use UserVoice for capture customer feedback and ideas to make our product better.  It is located at  If you have submitted feedback to us – thanks!  If you wish to exercise your rights to manage that data, please see these UserVoice articles:


We use Zendesk for providing customer support.  If you wish to view your support tickets, sign into and click on the My Activity link.

To delete your Zendesk tickets, you can submit an ask at requesting your tickets deleted.

When you Reset your Mixer account (see here) or close your Microsoft Account, we will delete your Zendesk tickets.

Note: This functionality will not remove any chat logs or tickets stored by CAT for the purpose of tracking and investigating rule infractions.


Lightstream ( is a service that allows you to create scenes and overlays for your streams.  To manage your scenes and overlays, sign into Lightstream at  On Lightstream, you can delete your Lightstream account which will delete the content you create on that site.

Read more about Lightstream here:


Oauth Applications and Your Data

Through a process known as oauth, 3rd party applications (for example: Streamlabs, Xsplit, Lightstream) can request access to some of your non-public data.  When this process happens, you’ll be shown a prompt like the following screen:


The screen will tell you who the 3rd Party is and what data they would like access to.  Once you’ve pressed Approve, they will have access.

You can view all 3rd party applications that you have approved on the Oauth Apps page: Open the Hub, then Account, then Oauth Apps tab.  Or visit


Here you can revoke access to individual 3rd party applications by clicking the Remove Application button.

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