Resetting Your Account


If you’d like to start fresh on Mixer, you can Reset your Mixer account. But please note: this is a one-way thing!

How To Get There

You can Reset your account from the My Data page, which is found from the Hub, then Account.


What Happens

When you Reset your Mixer account, it is reverted back to when you first created an account:

  • Your profile will be cleared. This includes your experience, level, sparks, avatar, social links.
  • Your channel information will be deleted. This includes channel description and title, background image, past streams (VODs), clips, chat history, broadcast history, and channel views.
  • Your channel and Mixer Pro subscriptions will be canceled.
  • Your network will be cleared. This includes followers, followed channels, and teams.
  • Your interactive projects you have created will be deleted.
  • Your support tickets will be deleted.
  • Partnership status on your channel will be cleared.
    • If you have Partnership data you wish cleared, please talk with your Partner Account Manager.

Your username/channel name or credentials will not be deleted; you will still be able to sign into Mixer.  If you wish to change your username, you can do so on the Account settings page.

Additionally, any enforcement history will remain. 

Please note that this does not affect or close your Microsoft Account.  Some data used to customize your experience on Mixer is shared with other Microsoft services and technologies.  If you would like to manage your Microsoft account, including viewing or revoking data associated with it, please go to

To Reset Your Account

  1. On the My Data page, click the Reset Account button
  2. Acknowledge the effects outlined
  3. Confirm your intent by signing your usernamereset_confirmation.png
  4. You will receive a tracking number to check progress on this request.
    Please save or write this number down as you will not be able to get it after leaving this page. 
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