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The My Data page is where you can view data we have collected on you, reset your account, or track the status of an account reset.  This primarily includes information that you cannot already see on the Account settings pages or on your or other users’ channels.


Learn More

Read this page for more information about all of your Mixer data and your controls: here 

How To Get There

  1. On Desktop, click on your profile to open the Hub.
  2. Click on Account.
  3. Under the Privacy and Personal Data section, click on Manage Account.
  4. Because this is accessing sensitive data or capabilities, you must sign in again before proceeding.


You can also visit this page by visiting this directly:


Track Account Reset

If you have previously initiated an account reset, you may look up the status of the request here.


  1. Click on “Track My Account Status”
  2. Enter the Tracking Id you were given when you initiated the request



You can use the Export functionality to export the set of data we have collected about your usage on Mixer.  This includes, but is not limited to, broadcast settings, viewing sessions, support tickets, and logins.

To export your data, click the Export button.  This kicks off a job to export your data and will return shortly.


Once the package is available, it will show up in the list below.



Reset Your Account

You can use the Reset Account functionality to reset your Mixer profile to a clean starting point.  Please see this page for more information: Resetting Your Account


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