User Age Discussion, Channel Ratings, and Age Restrictions

Users Discussing Age In Chat


We do NOT have any rule against discussing or stating age. Only users who claim to be (or are suspected to be) under 13 will be banned from the service. If someone says they are under 13, it is your choice to report it or not; if you do report it, CAT will ban them, pending proof of age and/or proof of parental consent.

If someone is streaming and appears to be under 16 without a parent present, CAT may suspend the channel, pending proof of parental consent and age. Streamers under 13 have a special exception, noted below.

User Age Requirements


  • Users age 12 years and younger cannot have a channel of their own. The account must be owned by the parent, and the parent or guardian MUST be on camera at all times. CAT should not have to guess whether a parent is present or not. If such a user does not appear to have a guardian present, they can be reported, so CAT can investigate further.


  • Users aged 13-16 can have a channel, with parental consent. They do not require an adult present on camera. If they are reported, CAT will take steps to ensure that the parent is aware, and has given consent.


Stream Rating and Age


Stream rating of 18+ simply means that the streamer is stating the channel is not suitable for children, that the streamer does not want children in the room, or that the streamer is playing a mature game. It is up to parents to check what their child is watching, NOT the streamer's responsibility to act as parent or guardian in their stead.

The rules do not require streamers (or their moderators) to ban people who state they are underage, or for claiming to be under 18 in a stream rated 18+. You CAN report someone that states they are underage and CAT will take the appropriate action but reporting is your choice.


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