Developer Registration and Agreement

At Mixer our community is our highest priority. We strongly believe that in order to grow a positive community we need to take proactive measures to protect the privacy rights and interests of both our end users and our developers. Today we’re rolling out the first in a series of updates designed to further this goal: a new developer registration process and agreement, along with changes to how you call Mixer APIs.

Register as a Developer

All new and existing Mixer developers are required to login to the Mixer dev lab and accept the developer agreement by May 21st or your OAuth applications will be disabled.

When you go to the dev lab you will notice a warning on your OAuth applications. To accept the agreement click the warning, read and review the agreement, and then accept. Once you have accepted read more below about whether you need to take an SDK update or make changes to how you call Mixer APIs.


You can find the developer agreement here. Among other things, it explains:

  • your responsibilities (as a developer) with respect to the Mixer API(s) and your API Key,
  • whether and how you may commercialize your Application, and
  • situations that might cause us to revoke your API access.

SDK and API Changes

Starting on the registration deadline (May 21st) Mixer will require that all API calls either

  1. Be authenticated with an OAuth access token
  2. OR include a Client-ID header.

Direct Access

If you're calling our API directly you'll need to make updates to ensure that your calls include a Client-ID header or that they are authenticated. This includes Chat, Constellation and Interactive.


If you are using a Mixer SDK please see the table below to determine if you need an update.

SDK Note
Unity SDK No update needed
Unreal (UE4) SDK No update needed
Interactive Node No update needed
C++ No update needed
Interactive Python No update needed
Client Java Any build after March 19, 2018
Interactive Java Any build after March 19, 2018
Carina No update available, We're working on it
Beam Client Node No update available, We're working on it



If you have questions please reach out to us at

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