Can I apply to be a CAT Guardian?

We frequently get asked "How do I become a CAT Guardian?" We scale the Guardian team as Mixer grows, and from time to time we have open positions. We keep all resumes on file even if we do not have open positions and the hiring team goes through all of them, old and new to find the best applicants to fill the role. 

Before applying though, its important to understand what you are applying for. 

CAT Guardians are NOT, police or channel moderators. They are not tech support or customer service. CAT Guardians are the protectors of the Mixer community. Their mission is to maximize the safety of our community through education, guidance and compassion. This does sometimes mean removing threats to the community or making the decision to revoke account access for severe or repeat rule violations.

CAT Guardians must demonstrate the ability to remain neutral regardless of personal preferences and make decisions based solely on our posted rules. They must be professional, willing to remain focused on the safety of our entire community. They will see things they do not like, they will handle investigations of disturbing/graphic content. They will shield the community by removing content that violates our rules.

CAT Guardians must also remain calm when users disagree with the rules whether the user feels the rule is too harsh or too lenient. They must be willing and able to explain our rules (after training) and educate users as to why something is or is not a rule violation. CAT Guardians are required to be tolerant and open minded.

We entrust our trained Guardians with the safety of our community. That trust carries the responsibility to not misuse the position. Guardians treat everyone the same way according to the rules. Guardians interact with people who are having a horrible day, people who are upset, frightened, angry, and Guardians cannot not let this effect the way they communicate. Part of the background check for CAT Guardian applicants, is a review of all public social media accounts and Mixer activity.

If you still want to be a CAT Guardian, its an amazing and supportive team of agents that will share everything they know with you. You get to work from home (stable internet is required). You get access to every cat gif and image we find (they are in the eyebleach folder). And our team emote is a purple cat. (Who wouldn't want to be a purple cat?)

If you want to apply, send a resume to . Note any extra skills you have such as fluency in non-English languages at the TOP of the resume or email. Having a background in safety is not required. Having a background in streaming and gaming is a bonus. It is unlikely you will receive a personal response unless there are positions open and the hiring team reaches out. 

Our hiring process is a bit different than other teams. No current CAT staff will know "who" applied. Once contacted by the hiring team, an applicant will be sent tests consisting of questions regarding rules and scenarios that might violate our rules. The test will be assigned a number by the hiring team, all information that might identify the applicant will be removed. The anonymous test is then sent to senior CAT agents to evaluate written communication skill, and knowledge of Mixer rules. The tests are then returned to the hiring team who converts the test number back into a name on their side. Applicants are offered positions in order of test score as long as they pass the background check. Once all paperwork is finalized and signed, CAT will be informed as to "who" the new agents are and training will commence.

CAT staff do NOT have access to the applications or resumes. We will not be able to inform you of what your score was or how far along the process is due to the anonymous nature.

Mixer partners may apply but to remain neutral, Guardian agent partners have very specific guidelines and depending on the exact role, a partnered applicant may need to relinquish partnership to be hired.

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