Mixer Share Controller FAQ 

What is Share Controller? 

Mixer streamers on Xbox One now have the option of sharing their controller with a Mixer viewer who is watching through Streamers can share their entire controller (except the Xbox button) in the Xbox game they are playing, and a viewer can take control through the on-screen gamepad or by plugging a controller into their PC. Viewer and streamer can work together in the game, or the viewer can cause trouble – resulting in hilarious chaos. It’s your choice!  

Who can you start sharing with? 

The sharing is currently on a first-come first-served basis using the control in the interactive area on channel page.  

What’s the best way to report bugs or poor performance? 

First of all, thank you for taking the time to submit bug reports! If you’re streaming from the console and have the Xbox Insider app installed: 

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller 
  2. Select “Report a problem” 
  3. Navigate to Guide > Broadcasting 
  4. Give us a detailed description of what you experienced. 

If you are submitting from a browser  

  1. Visit our Feedback Site 
  2. Choose Category “Shared Controller” 
  3. Give us a detailed description of what you experienced. This give us the best chance to figure out what’s going on 

I have a great idea for an improvement to Share controller. How do I let the team know? 

  1. Visit our Feedback Site 
  2. Choose the category “Shared Controller” and share your thoughts. 

Can a banned user get access to Share Controller feature on my channel? 

Banned users can still watch channels but they won’t be able to use Share Controller.  

How do I kick a viewer or end a share controller session? 

There are two ways to stop sharing control with a viewer: 

  1. Go to your channel page at and sign in if you aren’t already. In the interactive area below the video you’ll see who’s controlling and a button to “Kick” that viewer. 
  2. Open the guide on the console you’re using to stream. This will suspend input from Share Controller. From there you can use the Broadcast tab in the guide to turn Share Controller off. 

If the viewer is being disruptive you can take appropriate moderation steps on your channel (ie. Timeout or Ban). 

What browsers are supported? 

Use any browser that supports Mixer FTL for the best experience. You can check that a stream is using low latency by going to the channel page and clicking Settings cog wheel in the video player controls. You’ll see a check box indicating that it’s a “Low latency” stream. 

What controllers are supported? 

In addition to the on-screen controller that appears when you start sharing you can connect a physical controller and use that if you prefer. We haven’t tested all controllers but we have tried it out with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even the Steam controller connected to Windows 10. 

Because we’re making use of the standard Gamepad API supported by most modern browsers it should work with any controller that you can successfully connect to your machine. Please share your experiences with different controllers on our Feedback Site

What if I don't have a controller?

Check out our article on Share Controller Key Bindings!

Does it work with Couch coop games? 

For this release Share controller is about sharing one controller between a viewer and a broadcaster. That said, even though it isn’t officially supported you can make this work if you have a second controller for your console: 

  1. Start your broadcast and enable Share controller 
  2. Connect a second controller and sign in as a second user or guest 
  3. Open the guide and enable “Share your controller” on the broadcast tab 
  4. Try it out and let us know how you like it 
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