Interactive Customization Options

We've added some new Interactive Control Customization options. You can use these to customize your existing Interactive controls to give them your own look or brand.

Before Getting Started

You'll need an existing Interactive Project and Existing Interactive Game Or Application that lets you customize what your buttons look like

Button Changes

For Buttons we've added some color options which control the colors of various aspects of the button.

You can get started experimenting with these color options from within the developer lab. Simply select an existing button on one of your projects or create a new button.

Once created open the buttons settings drawer by clicking the little arrow next to the button:


You should now see the button settings:


The one highlighted in Red are New!, Try them out by clicking the field, this will bring up the color picker where you can select a color:


Here's a list of what each option does:

  • Background Color - Color of the background on the button
  • Border Color - Color of the border on the button
  • Accent Color -  applied to the cooldown spinner and progress bar
  • Focus Color -  applied to the border when focusing
  • Text Color - Color of the text displayed on the button
  • Font Size - Size of the text displayed on the button
  • Background Image - Enter any image url into this box and it will show as the background image on the button. The URL must be from a secure website so look for "https" on the front

Once you're happy hit save and then restart your Interactive Application or Game.

Text Labels

We've also added some new Text Labels, These can be used to highlight areas of your buttons or provide non-interactable information to your Interactivity.

To add one of these just select the new "Label" option when creating a control and then drag it onto the grid exactly like you would with a Button.


You can also set the colors, font size and underline/bold/italic state of a text label from the Studio:


Reminder About Mobile

Whilst you're here please make sure you fill in all the grids for various platforms:


A lot of our users are on Mobile, so please make sure they can use your buttons.


If you're a developer looking to support these new customization options then check out the documentation for your SDK of choice on our developer site:


If you have feedback, please drop us a line at

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