Channel Filters

Filters allow you to find relevant channels by narrowing results down to the options you select. We support the following filters:

On web, while looking at "Top Streams" or a specific game, you will see:  mixer-filters.png

On Xbox, find the filters on the "Channels" page: 


On Mobile App, you can find filters on the filter settings page:




The Audience filter selects channels which have the corresponding audience level set:

  • All - Show all content, regardless of audience level
  • Family Friendly - Only Family Friendly streams
  • Teen - Only Teen-rated streams
  • 18+ - Only 18+ rated streams

On the Mixer Mobile Apps, you can filter your search results on a particular audience level by navigating to Profile -> Settings -> Preferences:

  • Off (Default) - Shows all content on Mixer
  • Moderate - Show Teen-Rated and Family Friendly content
  • Strict - Show only Family Friendly content

Channel owners can set their intended channel audience on their Channel settings page: 


The Channel Language filter allows users to more relevant channels by finding those streaming in the language you are looking for. To view all channels, select the "All Languages" option. Channel owners can set their channel's language on the Channel settings page: 


The Interactive filter allows you to find channels that are streaming with interactivity. Learn more about interactive here:


Co-Streaming allows up to four streamers to broadcast in a single seamless page, with unified chat. This filter allows you to find streams that are only co-streams. Learn more about co-streaming here:

FTL (Mobile Apps Only):

The FTL filter allows you to find channels that are only streaming with Mixer's low-latency FTL protocol. Learn more about FTL here: 

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