What is "CATbot"?

CATbot is Mixer's fearless auto chat filtration bot that can help remove unwanted content and trolls. When a message comes in that violates your CATbot level setting, it will automatically be hidden from your chat room before others see it. Only the streamers and moderators will actually see the message as struck out with a "removed by CATbot" flag next to it so your chat will never see it.

CATbot is NOT a moderation tool. It will not ban, suspend or report users.

How do I enable CATbot?

We've enabled you to configure CATbot by going to the top right hub menu > Broadcast Dashboard > Broadcast. There, you will find the ability to set your channels Catbot level to your preference.

Moderation Levels: 

- Very Low (default): The minimum and default level of CATbot. CATbot will only remove universally offensive terms. This is recommended for 18+ rated streams.


- On Low: CATbot will work to remove forms of bullying, hate speech, and extremely offensive language from your chat. This is recommended for 18+ rated streams.


- On Medium: CATbot is very restrictive of any and all forms of bullying and strong language. This is recommended for Teen rated streams.


- On High: CATbot will work to keep your chat clean from any profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, and other offensive language entirely. This is recommended for Family Friendly rated streams.


While we can't guarantee 100% accuracy, enabling these settings will help keep a safe level chat that avoids toxicity in your chat.

To Note: If CATbot makes a mistake and removes something you feel it shouldn't have, you can always tell CATbot to leave the message alone by clicking on the user's username and hitting "Resend". This will send the message through normally and will help us improve CATbot's accuracy. If you have any feedback on CATbot please let us know at

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