Test Streams for Partners

Test streams allow certain channels to broadcast content privately without notifying their audience and community. This feature is designed for testing new stream settings, features, or entire new broadcasting setups.


If you are a developer seeking to use test streams please read the developer version of this article here.

Each partnered channel receives five (5) hours of test stream time per month. If you need more time, contact your partner manager to explain your channel’s needs. This could be for various reasons, but streams that rely heavily on interactive features may benefit from additional behind-the-scenes testing.

This feature is not to be used for subscriber-only or “ticketed” streaming. If an account is found to be using test streams improperly, access may be revoked. Mixer staff can view all test streams and channels are expected to follow Mixer's rules and terms of service when test streaming.


You can switch test stream mode on and off as needed:

  1. Open the settings pane by clicking your profile picture in the upper, right of the desktop website.
  2. Go to Broadcast Dashboard in the Setting pane.
  3. In the Test Streams section, toggle Enable Test Mode.
  4. Once you have enabled test stream mode you will see a bar on the top whenever you broadcast.
  5. This bar will also contain a link you can share with others to view your stream.

Once you have enabled the test stream mode for your account, it is enabled for every broadcast, across all devices. You don't need to enable test streams for each device you broadcast from. There is one, global setting applied to the channel.


  1. Open the settings pane by clicking your profile picture in the upper, right of the desktop website.
  2. Go to
  3. Broadcast Dashboard in the Setting pane.
  4. In the Test Streams section, toggle Enable Test Mode OFF

If you're live when you turn test streams off your stream will still be in Test Stream mode until you restart your stream. 


There are two ways to grant viewers access to a test stream:

  1. Make them a moderator in the channel. All moderators of a channel can view a test stream.
  2. Share the access link. When you're live, a banner will appear at the top of your channel page while in test stream mode. On the right side of this banner is a copy button that will give you an access link. Anyone with the link will be able to access your test stream. This link resets for every stream.
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